7 Flash Sales Tips For Your Retail Business

A flash sale is a discount or promotion that is only available for a brief time. These short-term promotions may be a terrific way to sell a big number of items in a short period of time, but they do require some planning if you expect a significant rise in checkouts. Here are 7 tips for a successful retail flash sale.

Choose the appropriate time

People have learned that for a good offer, they would forgo sleep, line up before sunrise, and act in ways they would not otherwise. So, when is the best time to launch a flash sale? Greg Merrell of Simplistic, a Shopify Plus Partner states that: The timeline will be determined by your product and target market.

That is why you should examine your data to determine if any purchase trends emerge:

  • What day(s) of the week have individuals traditionally bought?
  • What time of day do individuals traditionally buy?
  • When do you see the most open rates on your emails?

Request people sign up ahead of time

Giving consumers a compelling incentive to participate in your offer before it begins is one approach to generate anticipation for it. This might imply making the offer registration-only, requiring buyers to sign up ahead of time in order to participate, further increasing the deal’s exclusivity. It might also signify providing an early bird discount. 

Define your target market with precision

The aim you establish for your flash sale will determine how you define your target market. So, if you want to get new consumers, you should do the following:

  • Don’t promote the deal explicitly to your current email list.
  • Consumers who have expressed interest in soon-to-be-released items or follow a rival with comparable products should be identified.
  • Target rivals’ Facebook audiences or compile a list of their Twitter accounts to poach these customers.
  • Run Google Ads for a short period that are only activated by the particular keywords linked with your sale items.
  • To mitigate PPC expenses, ask PPC targets to join a separate VIP email list in exchange for early access or some other advantage.

Choose the right products for flash sale

Without giving it much thought, you could decide to host a quick offer on your headline product and be done with it in 2-3 hours. For an online firm with a small number of SKUs, this may be the best and only solution.

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Here are some notes that you must know:

  • Use Google’s Keyword Planner to figure out how many people are searching for what you’re looking for.
  • Identify consumers who have posted poor or unfavorable product evaluations and poach them with a smart discount offer.
  • Use keyword research tools like SEMRush and SpyFu to figure out what your competitors are focusing on and undercut them.

Prepare for order fulfillment and customer service ahead of time

Make sure your business operations are ready to manage a sudden flood of orders before lowering your rates and shouting out your event with a virtual megaphone.

Remember that your brand will establish an impression on both new and existing customers not just before and during a flash sale, but also afterward. If a special sale item takes months to arrive in the mail, it can dampen some of the thrill and delight they felt when they bought it. And to solve this problem, many retailers choose ConnectPOS because its inventory management can bring a great omnichannel solution for both buyers and sellers.

Keep them infrequent

The excitement of scarcity fuels flash sales and product dumps, and it’s a fire that burns hot and quick. If you run these sorts of deals too frequently or in a predictable pattern, they will lose their luster and effectiveness.

Build up relationships or partnerships

Apart from creating buzz for your flash sale or product launch on your own social media channels, look for ways to enlist the support of others to promote it and expand your network.

Partnering with online influencers is a terrific tactic for a flash event since they can help spread the news about your offer. Having an individual advertise your sale online might give it more legitimacy and make visitors feel like they’re part of a communal event. Collaborating with a celebrity, an artist, or another relevant brand in your field may help you reach a new audience while also leveraging your partner’s promotional power.


When planning the next flash sale, remember to preserve the 7 tips above to make your discounts appealing. And don’t hesitate to call us for more tactful retail solutions.

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