The Ultimate BigCommerce POS Reviews

BigCommerce is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms for multichannel businesses looking to expand their online sales and profit margins. BigCommerce collaborated with top technology companies to create a number of applications to help retailers succeed. The point-of-sale system is one of them. The ultimate BigCommerce POS reviews will be discussed in this blog.


ConnectPOS ultimate BigCommerce POS reviews

ConnectPOS is a prominent multi-channel retailer’s cloud-based Magento POS system. Because of its comprehensive feature set and flexibility, ConnectPOS can fulfill the unique needs of any type of organization. This point-of-sale system is simple to use and effective. It’s also straightforward and cost-effective to scale up as your company grows.

Furthermore, if you’re selling in areas that require extra flexibility, such as a local fair or a trade fair, ConnectPOS can actively help you with a mobile POS system. ConnectPOS’ mobile version is compatible with any smartphone (either iOS or Android). ConnectPOS provides a distinct feature that few other point-of-sale systems can match: an extremely affordable price.

Overall: 9/10



The next thing we will cover on this list of BigCommerce POS reviews is Vend. It provides an intuitive and simple-to-use platform for utilizing your processes across PC, Mac, and iPad devices. The system also offers a multi-store feature that allows you to manage all of your retail locations. It comes with a single administration system for connecting your many retail locations, pop-up stores, offices, and warehouses.

While this is accurate, it isn’t always a positive thing. Attempting to be all over the place can be a disadvantage if your business is looking for a specific feature.

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Overall: 8.5/10


ultimate BigCommerce POS reviews square

Square is a mobile and desktop point-of-sale system that was created to fulfill the needs of a variety of businesses. Besides inventory management, reporting and analytics, as well as integrated payment processing, this platform can also handle email marketing campaigns. Furthermore, if you want to personalize it, this system is capable of supporting a large number of terminals. However, the only thing to take note of is that this solution may not be suitable for bigger companies with huge transactions.

Overall: 8/10



The next software on our BigCommerce POS reviews is Shopkeep. It is widely known for a secure and simple experience. This POS is a cloud-based platform that helps store owners improve their business operations, from staff and inventory management to acquiring business statistics and customer information. ShopKeep is a cross-platform software that works on both Android and iOS phones and tablets.

ShopKeep’s reporting is suitable for the small businesses they cater to. However, businesses hoping for more detailed insights from their POS system to help them expand may be disappointed.

Overall: 7.5/10


ultimate BigCommerce POS reviews hike

Hike POS is a cloud-based BigCommerce retail POS that simplifies inventory management and provides analytical information to help you operate your business. It’s a fully tailored all-in-one plugin that will assist you and help you grow your business.

Hike can help you boost your sales, customer service, and inventory management all at the same time. The system also works offline, so you can do business even if the internet is down. The data will be quickly synced back to the cloud when you reconnect to the internet.

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Some drawbacks have been reported, including a lack of built-in payment processing and occasional downtime.

Overall: 7/10


Hopefully, these BigCommerce POS reviews can give you a better understanding of the best systems. Contact us if you have any questions.

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