Ultimate POS System Reviews Of 2021

Ultimate POS System Reviews Of 2021

A POS system is no stranger to any long-standing business. It has been acting as a supportive and active ‘side-kick’ helping business operations so much smoother, making life way easier for business and store owners. As technology is growing at a rapid pace, there have been more and more POS solution providers emerging in the market. So, if you’re feeling dizzy wandering among a plethora of POS systems available out there, the ultimate POS system reviews of 2021 will equip you with every knowledge you need to determine the right POS for your business success. 

POS System Reviews

The POS system reviews are based on the comparison between ConnectPOS – a leading POS solution for omnichannel retail – and other well-known POS systems. For your convenience, the comparisons will be categorized by the integration with e-commerce platforms

Compatible with multiple e-commerce platforms

ConnectPOS vs. Hike POS

POS System Reviews: ConnectPOS vs. Hike POS

This pair of POS system reviews is the battle between 2 cloud-based POS systems – ConnectPOS and Hike POS. Other than being able to operate on multiple e-commerce platforms, both of the POS software applications can also work well on multiple devices from PC-based to mobile gadgets. Other integrations are also presented and discussed. The battle is even promising when both ConnectPOS and Hike POS offer plenty of features which are handy and useful for business of all types. Whether you’re selling clothing, homeware, supplements, food & drink, etc., you can always rely on these POS software. 

ConnectPOS vs. Vend POS

POS System Reviews: ConnectPOS vs. Vend POS

This comparison is built around the 2 POS systems that are popular for their robust POS and inventory management solution for retailers. Both of these systems are best for small to mid-sized merchants who wish to make their operations much more efficient and effective. Even better, ConnectPOS and Vend POS work well on multiple devices regardless of operating systems. Thus, if you’re still wondering if your hardware can get along with the POS software or not, you don’t have to worry too much about it with ConnectPOS and Vend POS. 

ConnectPOS vs. Square POS

POS System Reviews: ConnectPOS vs. Square POS

ConnectPOS and Square POS are among the most ‘wanted’ POS system reviews from the brick-and-mortar retailers. While Square POS is a dedicated POS solution for physical stores, ConnectPOS is also favored by providing robust POS software to make the in-store operations seamless and effective. In terms of device compatibility, ConnectPOS is compatible with multiple devices including PC (macOS, Windows) and mobile devices (iOS, Android). On the other hand, not as decent, Square can operate on iOS and Android, but only with some certain models. 

ConnectPOS vs. Clover POS

POS System Reviews: ConnectPOS vs. Clover POS

The reviews of these 2 big names are perfect for businesses who are looking for POS software compatible with leading e-commerce platforms including Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce. It’s because both ConnectPOS and Clover POS have compatibility with all these 4 platforms, plus, Commercetools for ConnectPOS and Ecwid for Clover POS. Thus, it’s evident to say that the ability to run well on multiple platforms is a huge strength of these POS systems. 

ConnectPOS vs. Agiliron POS

POS System Reviews: ConnectPOS vs. Agiliron POS

The battle between ConnectPOS and Agiliron POS is worth looking forward to as both of them are multi-channel commerce software solutions. With that being said, these POS systems operate marvelously on the 4 most common e-commerce platforms which are Magento, Shopify, BigCommece, and WooCommerce. Furthermore, both ConnectPOS and Agiliron POS are device compatible, meaning they can run on PC-based devices (Windows, macOS), and mobile devices (iOS, Android). This makes the POS comparison even more meaningful for retailers who are looking for a POS solution that is versatile when it comes to compatibility with both e-commerce platforms and devices. 

ConnectPOS vs. Quickbooks POS

POS System Reviews: ConnectPOS vs. Quickbooks POS

Another POS comparison between 2 systems which have robust compatibility with multiple e-commerce platforms. While ConnectPOS started as a leading POS solution for omnichannel retail and it’s still going strong being so, Quickbooks itself deems one of the leaders in the accounting app market. So the POS system reviews of these 2 ‘leaders’ are what businesses can’t miss. A little sneak peeks for you in terms of device compatibility: ConnectPOS is flexible as it can run on both PC-based devices (macOS, Windows) and mobile devices (Android, iOS). Meanwhile, QuickBooks POS can only operate on Windows-based systems. Moreover, it’s recommended to use QuickBooks POS hardware. Hardware from other providers might not work.  

ConnectPOS vs. Webkul POS

POS System Reviews: ConnectPOS vs. Webkul POS

If you’re always desiring a powerful POS solution to facilitate the omnichannel experience for both you and your customers, then the POS system reviews of ConnectPOS and Webkul POS is just perfect for you. Other than the attractive trait of partnering with more than 1 e-commerce platform, both ConnectPOS and Webkul POS are compatible with different devices, from PC-based (Windows, macOS) to mobile gadgets including tablets and smartphones (Android, iOS). 

ConnectPOS vs. Lightspeed Retail POS

POS System Reviews: ConnectPOS vs. Lightspeed Retail POS

It’s evident to say that both ConnectPOS and Lightspeed Retail POS are extremely robust when it comes to the integration with e-commerce platforms. While ConnectPOS is powerful with the collaboration with 5 leading platforms namely Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, and Commercetools, Lightspeed Retail POS is flexible thanks to its ‘library’ of integration. With that being so, Lightspeed doesn’t integrate directly with e-commerce companies, but partners with third parties to connect Lightspeed Retail POS to e-commerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, etc. Additionally, both ConnectPOS and Lightspeed Retail POS can work well on multiple platforms from PC (macOS, Windows), and mobile devices including smartphones and tablets (Android, iOS). 

ConnectPOS vs. ShopKeep POS

POS System Reviews: ConnectPOS vs. ShopKeep POS

While ConnectPOS is available on 5 e-commerce platforms, ShopKeep POS is partnering directly with BigCommerce and Ecwid only. When it comes to device compatibility, ConnectPOS also outperforms given that ShopKeep POS is natively a mobile POS system. However, although both of these POS can fulfill the needs and demands of retailers in diverse industries, ShopKeep POS is preferred among restaurant businesses. This POS solution has some distinct features to serve this category of the Food & Beverage industry. 

For your information, in November 2020, Lightspeed acquired ShopKeep POS, reinforcing Lightspeed’s status as one of the leaders in the market of POS for retailers and restaurateurs. With that being so, in the future, there’s a possibility that ShopKeep POS users can access a range of integrations as wide as Lightspeed POS offers its clients. 

Compatible with a single e-commerce platform

Compatible with BigCommerce


BigCommerce was founded in Texas, the USA in 2009. The company provides a SaaS (Software as a Service) e-commerce platform for online retailers. The platform is famous for its advanced features including customer grouping and segmentation, search engine optimization, and web hosting. Ever since its start, BigCommerce has helped 100,000 entrepreneurs build their digital businesses with plenty of its built-in features. 

ConnectPOS vs. AmberPOS

ConnectPOS vs. AmberPOS

This comparison appears extremely helpful for retailers who are longing for a fully functional POS solution but still hesitate to choose one. Both ConnectPOS and AmberPOS are well-functioning in terms of inventory management, reports and analysis, and customer relationship management. Nevertheless, not as decent as ConnectPOS, AmberPOS has integration with only BigCommerce. If you wish to integrate with other e-commerce platforms when using AmberPOS, you need to seek services from third-party companies, which can be time-consuming and costly.  

ConnectPOS vs. Epos Now

ConnectPOS vs. Epos Now

As these 2 POS systems are both serving the majority of their clients in the UK and USA, ConnectPOS and Epos Now are the direct competitors in the 2 extremely lucrative markets. This makes the POS system reviews even more worth taking into account when choosing the right POS solution for your business. Except for the fact that Epos Now only has a partnership with BigCommerce while ConnectPOS integrates with a bunch of e-commerce platforms, both of these 2 POS systems have numerous features. They facilitate smooth and effective operations for retail businesses. 

Compatible with Magento


Magento was founded in 2008. The platform attracts so many business owners and operators thanks to its flexibility and customization. Magento requires a long development time and a large budget, yet is worth it as Magento is very powerful when offering over 5,000 extensions. With that being said, if you have already established demand, time, internal manpower, and some coding skills to build your own site, then  Magento is best for you.

ConnectPOS vs. Magestore POS

POS System Reviews: ConnectPOS vs. Magestore POS

Being the direct competitors in the Magento POS market, ConnectPOS and Magestore POS are investing their best in developing 2 of the best Magento POS systems in the world. If you’re considering adopting a POS system built for Magento, ConnectPOS vs. Magestore POS is definitely the battle that is worth your time reading. Unlike other POS systems, Magestore POS is a Magento-native POS as it was developed with the Magento mindset at its very beginning. On the other side, the Magento POS by ConnectPOS is also superior with not only a plethora of handy features but also the advanced technologies applied in the system. 

ConnectPOS vs. Ebizmarts POS

ConnectPOS vs. Ebizmarts POS

Ebizmarts is another POS solution provider for Magento retailers. The POS system reviews of ConnectPOS and Ebizmarts POS will give information about how they can support you, either you’re a small, single-person business or a multi-store setup. Other than the compatibility with e-commerce platforms in which ConnectPOS is showing its flexibility, the ability to run on multiple devices is also a strength of ConnectPOS. From PC (macOS, Windows) to mobile devices (iOS, Android), ConnectPOS can handle them all. On the other hand, Ebizmarts is a native iPad iOS experience, which means that it only supports (selected) iPads models.

ConnectPOS vs. Amasty POS

ConnectPOS vs. Amasty POS

If you’re a Magento retailer and wish to have a wide range of device choices for your system, then the POS system reviews of ConnectPOS and Amasty POS are ‘just right’ for you. These 2 POS are compatible with Magento 1 and 2. Even better, they can operate smoothly and properly on both PC-based and mobile gadgets, regardless of the operating system. This gives merchants so much flexibility in operating their retail businesses. 

Compatible with WooCommerce


WooCommerce was founded in 2011. It is a free and open-source e-commerce platform that acts as a WordPress cart plugin. The platform is the most popular option on the market and accounts for approximately 30% of all stores on the internet. It’s thanks to its ease of use, free base product, and customization. According to statistics, by January 2020, WooCommerce was powering 4% of the top HTML pages and a total of 3.9 million websites worldwide.

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WooCommerce is ideal and handy for small businesses that already have a site on WordPress. Additionally, the platform offers thousands of themes and plugins, giving businesses the flexibility and the ability to customize their own e-commerce site. 

ConnectPOS vs. FooSales POS

ConnectPOS vs. FooSales POS

This battle is between an ‘OG’ and a newcomer in the WooCommerce POS market. Since both WooCommerce and FooSales POS are plugins of WordPress, FooSales POS is designed to work natively with WooCommerce and uses the official WooCommerce API to connect to your store. Meanwhile, ConnectPOS has just integrated with WooCommerce in December 2020. Both of the systems can be operated on multiple devices. Whether it is PC-based (macOS, Windows) or mobile devices including tablets and smartphones (iOS, Android), ConnectPOS and FooSales POS are compatible with all of them. 

Compatible with Shopify


Shopify was founded in 2004 in Ontario, Canada by 3 computer programmers. Ever since its beginning, the company has been growing non-stop and has reached out to more than 1 million businesses in approximately 175 countries.

Shopify is best for beginners and small to medium-size businesses who need an extra helping hand with setting up their online stores. With such a user-friendly e-commerce platform, retailers have every tool they need in hand, from the storefront design to content marketing to performance analytics. It’s simple and straightforward to get the basic setups done. After that, businesses can freely choose the third-party extensions to their liking to equip and enrich their own stores.

Shopify POS review

Shopify POS review

Having realized the potential of the POS solution market, in 2013, Shopify expanded its business to selling its own built-in POS system so-called Shopify POS. Thanks to this free-of-charge additional service, there have been more and more merchants coming to Shopify. During its 8 years of growth, the app has been upgraded constantly to ensure the best omnichannel experience for both sellers and buyers.

Other types of e-commerce integration

ConnectPOS vs. Toast POS

POS System Reviews: ConnectPOS vs. Toast POS

The case is a little bit different for Toast POS. Being a POS solution designed specifically for restaurants, the software hasn’t integrated directly with any e-commerce platform yet. With that being so, you need to find services from third-party connectors if you wish to have e-commerce integration with Toast POS. The POS system reviews of ConnectPOS and Toast POS is based on the comparison between a retail POS and a restaurant POS. Given the fact that both kinds of systems serve different purposes, thus, have some distinct features, there are still some similarities. If you’re thinking about opening a business in the food & beverage industry, this article will help you see the differences between a POS system for food & drink retail and that for restaurants. 

In a nutshell

Above are the ultimate POS system reviews of 2021 with the presence of the 16 most popular POS solution providers in the market right now. Knowing which one is suitable for your business’s distinct needs and demands is vital to any entrepreneur. We hope that with not only the detailed POS system reviews but also the comparison between ConnectPOS and other systems, you, as business owners and operators, can picture your ideal software to facilitate the seamlessness of operations. 

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