3 Creative Ideas to Clear Out Your Summer Inventory

Summer has passed and it’s time for you to clear your summer inventory and start preparing for the fall. However, it isn’t always easy to get rid of the old inventory. Check out 3 simple ideas below to let your summer inventory go faster.

Plan around your calendar

When you’re getting near to the end of summer, you can start offering special deals; for example, if they purchase selected summer items, they will get a coupon code for the next purchase, or even a gift card if they purchase big enough.

You can also consider changing the way you’re presenting the summer items to customers. For example, you can mix match some of your clothes and introduce them as a “pre-fall” collection.

Turn holidays into selling opportunities

Everybody loves holidays and holiday sales so you should surely have something planned for big events like Labor Day and Back-to-School. They are great opportunities to sell loads of products.

But there are many other smaller occasions loved by social media that you can join to promote and sell your items. For example, we will have #ReadABookDay and #FamilyDay this September or #InternationalCoffeeDay in October. There’s always a reason to celebrate – make sure your business join the fun and turn these events into special occasions for sales. Let’s say, any customer goes shopping with his or her family members will get discounts on #FamilyDay – for example, if she goes with 1 family member, she will get a 10% discount. Or on #CrosswordPuzzleDay, the customer who solves the crossword of the day correctly and fastest will get a gift card.

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Present outside the store

We know that you sell online and at the store but why don’t explore new selling opportunities, like a pop-up store or a booth at local events, fairs and festivals? You can clear out seasonal inventory and get more people to know about your business – it’s like killing two birds with one stone. Before selling at a fair or event, make sure that your Point of Sale can work without Internet (some call it Offline Mode) so you can sell without any interruption.

If there isn’t any event in your local community, think about teaming with other businesses in your neighborhood and hosting your own events. It can be a street sale or even a full-blown shopping event with food, drinks, and entertainment.

Above all, we just want to emphasize the importance of inventory management. You need to keep track of stock status and stock flow, the best and worst selling times and plan accordingly. That helps you avoid running short of stock or worse, stocking up with unsellable items. Check out our ConnectPOS with Embedded ERP by Boostmyshop integrated to manage your inventory more efficiently.

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