4 Examples Of Successful Omnichannel Businesses In The Netherlands

ECommerce is becoming a new trend in today’s technology-driven world, and the Netherlands is one of the most powerful countries in this field. A survey has shown that over 70% of consumers in this country preferred a channel-agnostic shopping experience in 2020. Indeed, consumers are now shopping without limitations across different touchpoints. In this article, we will discuss the 4 outstanding omnichannel businesses in the Netherlands.


Started in 1999, Coolblue is a Dutch eCommerce company that has more than 15 physical stores in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. Formerly known as an online retailer, Coolblue is popular for its webshops. It is the driving force for many specialists such as laptopshop.nl or blenderstore.nl. 

The shopping experience between online and offline stores of Coolblue blend seamlessly. They introduced Click&Collect that allows customers to place an online order and pick up the item at brick-and-mortar stores. Customers will receive a confirmation via online platforms with a QR code, which can be scanned at the kiosk. Furthermore, the buyer then can also be welcomed with a cup of coffee and matched with a specialist in-store for personalized advice.

Besides, they also have the Coolblue app which was downloaded 20.000 times on the first launching day. Coolblue also opened the XXL stores in The Hague and Amsterdam as the main parcel pick-up and return points.

omnichannel businesses in Netherlands - coolblue

Albert Heijn

Being one of the leading supermarket brands in the Netherlands, Albert Heijn is the next brand on our list of the top omnichannel businesses in this country. Until now, the company has nearly 900 supermarkets and more than 80 “A.H to go” convenience stores. 

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The online presence of Alber Heijn is the website ah.nl, where customers can easily make an online shopping list and order via their iOS and Android devices. The store makes great use of personalization, as suggestions for products are often immediately made while customers are searching for groceries. In addition, their convenience store chains are equipped with self-checkout kiosks, which saves a considerable amount of time. Customers, especially during rush hours, can easily pay by scanning the barcode on the products and finalizing the transaction themselves. 


Urban Outfiters

Although originally coming from America, Urban Outfitters is still one of the most popular fashion and lifestyle brands in the Netherlands. The brand develops rich information and an easily navigable website to make online shopping as convenient as in physical stores. A variety of media is used, including the combination of videos, slideshows, or drop-down boxes. Customers have various shopping options, including curbside pickups or home delivery.

Moreover, an impressive omnichannel effort of Urban Outfitters is their video streaming event called “UO Live” and their Instagram account that focuses on exclusive products and giveaways. Their fresh take on digital content is a big plus for the spread of the omnichannel model. In this way, they have successfully combined online platforms as a marketing tool in addition to their appealing physical shops. 

omnichannel businesses in Netherlands - urban outfiters

Store 1892

The omnichannel model is not only for big businesses but also for small to mid-sized ones in the Netherlands. Being a fashion retailer for women in Leeuwarden, Store 1892 is a great example. Store 1892 made use of ConnectPOS, a POS system to deliver their omnichannel service. It previously had a physical store and an online place on Magento. However, they could not synchronize the data between the eCommerce store and the POS system. 

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With their new omnichannel model with ConnectPOS, Store 1892 has noticed a lot of improvements. They can now handle the selling activities between the online and offline shops, such as payment, reward points, or inventory management. There are no longer disparities between different channels. Therefore, Store 1892 is a successful example of a business that makes use of technology for its omnichannel strategy.

store 1892


We hope that the examples above have inspired you about the omnichannel businesses in the Netherlands. As mentioned before, integrating technology can be a wise choice to move to the omnichannel model. Being a leading POS provider, ConnectPOS has empowered more than 2000 retailers all over the world with excellent click and collect features. Contact us if you are interested!

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