5 Best POS Systems In Indonesia

The Indonesian economy is booming with the rapid consumption in retail stores. To facilitate growth, most retail businesses are familiar with a point-of-sale (POS) system. A report has shown that 52% of retailers in 2020 wanted to enhance their POS systems. Knowing the need of finding a powerful POS provider, we will discuss the best POS systems in Indonesia.



ConnectPOS is a leading POS provider that caters to the needs of more than 2000 retailers all over the world, and Indonesia is one of its target markets. The POS system is well-known for its affordable price, in exchange for the top-notch features. One of the most outstanding features is supporting the omnichannel shopping experience, so you can allow customers to buy online and pick up in store. With ConnectPOS, the shopping experience can happen seamlessly across offline and online channels.

ConnectPOS offers basic to advanced features, including:

  • Real-time synchronization
  • 24/7 free support
  • PWA Consumer App (that supports self-services)
  • No additional fee for third-party transactions
  • Translation tools and built-in reports
  • Available on both iOS and Android
  • Affordable price, starting from $39/device/month


equip pos

EQUIP is still new in Indonesia, however, it has been catering to small to medium businesses. It is a cloud-based POS system with multi-location management, and you can give access to your different staff at no extra cost. It is easy for merchants to synchronize the products and their prices across different store locations. In addition, the product return management tools are also available to support your refund and exchange processes.

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Some other highlights of EQUIP POS:

  • Customer loyalty program management
  • Table management (for food and beverage businesses)
  • Transaction suspension


moka pos - pos indonesia

Designed for restaurants, MOKA POS is a reputable POS system in Indonesia. The strengths of MOKA are in sales management. It greatly supports businesses to speed up sales and handle customer information.

What’s special about MOKA POS?

  • Inventory and staff management
  • Customer membership management
  • Online selling features
  • Basic CRM features

We would recommend MOKA for small to mid-sized restaurants, due to its sufficient functionalities in customer and inventory management. There is a free version (within a limited time), and a Rp 299,000 IDR/month plan, plus several add-on features that need to be paid.



While MOKA is available on iOS, Pawoon is its competitor on Android. It also suits small and medium businesses that own a cafe or restaurant. Pawoon allows users to generate reports, manage stocks across stores, and keep track of customer shopping patterns. Pawoon is a powerful POS for service-based businesses, as it also comes with different hardware packages, depending on your specific needs.

Pawoon has a different approach to pricing. It is free for businesses with one POS machine in one location that handles less than 300 transactions per month. The other choice accepts unlimited transactions and locations, which costs Rp 199,000/month.


olsera - pos indonesia

Like ConnectPOS, Olsera operates on both iOS and Android. It is an app that allows physical stores to shift to online places. The system connects the website and physical store, where merchants can view inventory information, sales histories and other analytics. Therefore, it is recommended for merchants that seek basic functions to operate on both online and offline selling points.

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About pricing, Olsera offers 3 options, which depend on the state of the merchants – online store, offline shop, or both. The prices start from Rp 49,000 to 179,000, with personalized support for its users.

Wrapping up

This list of the best POS systems in Indonesia can hopefully help you to decide on the most suitable option for your business. We would recommend having a free trial to gain the most realistic opinion about the POS system of your choice (if applicable).

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