5 Best Wine Point Of Sale Systems You Should Have A Look

The wine industry has witnessed a steady rise during recent years. In fact, in the US alone, there were nearly 11,000 wineries in 2020. From a technological perspective, this massive number of wine stores shows great potential for the wine point of sale (POS) industry to thrive. 

Are you an owner of a wine store looking for a powerful POS? Or are you just curious about the winery POS systems in general? Either way, we believe that you have come to the right place. This article will discuss the 5 best wine Point of Sale systems to consider.

Before going further into this blog, please note that the order is put randomly. In addition, the prices and functions of these POS systems can change across time.


wine point of sale - connectpos

ConnectPOS is the first POS system on our list of the top wine point of sale providers. Our most important reason is: ConnectPOS has excellent omnichannel features!

Due to COVID-19, many stores have to shift to online platforms to continue their selling activities. This is when eCommerce shows its power. Knowing the complex shopping demand in the ‘new normal’, ConnectPOS offers click-and-collect features. These functions help wineries to synchronize their eCommerce store to the POS system. Consumers now can choose their favorite beverages online and come to the physical store to pick them up, with the support of ConnectPOS.

Other outstanding features of ConnectPOS are:

  • No additional fee for third-party transactions
  • Integrated Reward Points System
  • Multi-store and multi-warehouse management
  • 24/7 free support
  • Compatibility with PCs/mobile devices, and iOS/Android
  • Affordable prices, starting from $39/device/month



WineDirect is a POS system that is specifically designed for wine sellers. It is an iOS-based fully mobile system. An outstanding feature of WineDirect is that it provides a marketplace to sell wine on other platforms such as eBay or Vivino. Users can also use WineDirect’s tablets to serve customers in a tasting room or during special events. Thanks to these functions, WineDirect takes pride in its wine-focused customer service.

Here are some other notable features:

  • Follow-up emails after a tasting room visit/purchase
  • CRM marketing tools
  • Gift cards
  • Built-in reports
  • Pricing starting from $79/month + 2% of sales

Revels System

wine point of sale - revel systems

Revels System is originally a POS for a wide range of industries, and one of them is craft wineries. This wine point of sale system focuses more on mid to larger-sized wine retailers with plans starting from $99/terminal/month. Its solutions include winery production management, quality and inventory control, and customer data management. Besides, Revels System also comes with the core POS features, such as handling transactions, split bills, etc, which operate on iPad systems.

Other powerful features that you may want to consider:

  • Self-service kiosk
  • Hardware supported, including stands, barcode scanners, receipt printers
  • Table management

Korona POS

korona pos

Korona POS is another in-depth wine point of sale solution that supports businesses of all sizes. The system is robust in its inventory management and CRM tools across multiple locations. KORONA supports wine sellers to organize and optimize their inventory. Each bottle of wine can be tracked through the production process to sales. Moreover, Korona’s integration with bLoyal makes it become more powerful. BLoyal brings out an excellent club management system with creative operations, such as tasting room discounts, monthly wine clubs, etc.

Korona offers its user subscription plans, starting from $49/month with additional modules options. The system is thus recommended for those who want to build a service-based wine business.


wine point of sale - lightspeed

Lightspeed is a point of sale system that targets specifically retail and restaurants. If your winery offers products and services similar to a retail store, or a dining place, Lightspeed might be suitable for you. The unique selling points of Lightspeed are service-based built-in features such as appointment and loyalty management. It also strongly supports item variants, which can be useful for businesses that sell different winery products like bottles, tastings, or food offerings. 

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Lightspeed POS for retail and restaurant are both available at a pricing plan of $69/month with a card-present rate of 2.6% +10¢. There are also several add-ons (need to be paid) that can better enhance your system.

All in all

The wine point of sale system of your choice, in the end, depends on your business needs. We hope that with these 5 considerations, you can have a better view of the top wine POS systems.

This article is brought to you by ConnectPOS. As previously mentioned, we pride ourselves on the omnichannel features that can greatly transform your wine business. Don’t hesitate to contact us or start a free trial if you are interested! 

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