5 tasks you need to do every day at your warehouses

It is significant for retailers to make sure about the smooth flow of inventory and maintain the inventory level. This is not straightforward because you need to deal with a certain number of processes and components appropriately. In this post, we are pointing out the warehouse checklist. It is great for you to manage your warehouse daily the right way.

Inventory tracking

This step involves keeping track of your inventory levels. Critically, you have a point of sale (POS) system, for example, ConnectPOS, to handle it. With it, you know which stock-keeping units (SKUs) are available in the warehouse and precisely where you keep them. Also, you can have an idea of whether these SKUs are getting transited along the way to a store.


What is more? ConnectPOS allows you to see the product quantity is ready to be delivered should there be a purchase order now. Thanks to it, you know when you need to order more.

Picking & packing

These are two key functions executed in your warehouse. There should be pick lists so that pickers can retrieve goods efficiently. More often than not, it includes batch picking, wave picking, and zone picking. 

More specifically, for purchase orders, your picker gets the packing slip of the ordered goods along with their storage locations. Then, they gather the items from the specified locations. After a purchase order gets picked, a packer will receive it. This employee is in charge of putting the goods in a box or the likes of it securely and placing a delivery label on it. 

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Receiving & stowing

This is the next step in your warehouse checklist. It has to do with receiving packages from shipment vehicles at loading docks and after that, stowing them away. Next, they get shipped to their long-term or short-term inventory location.



Depending on the shipping options and service you provide to your purchasers, delivery carriers will pick up and ship the packages from the warehouse to their following destination.

When the packages are shipped, the warehouse management system will send order tracking info automatically to your shop. This way, your buyers can keep an eye on their deliveries. 


Now, your warehouse management system will offer warehouse stock and operation-related reports. These tend to cover order fulfillment accuracy, the number of orders successfully delivered by the hour to track staff productivity, etc. Plus, there should be inventory forecasting so that you can allocate enough staff for demands. 

In a nutshell

An appropriate warehouse checklist is significant to the success of any business. What if you feel that you would have a hard time controlling the number of tasks you need to deal with to ensure the proper functioning of your warehouse? Do not worry. We suggest using a point of sale solution to get your work accomplished.

ConnectPOS takes pride in having every ability and source to bring you a powerful cloud-based POS system for your corporate success. Do not hesitate to reach us today for the best support. 

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