6 Creative Christmas Store Decoration Ideas

Christmas inspires retailers to transform their stores into winter paradises that will go straight to anyone’s heart. It’s also a great opportunity for them to grab customers’ attention and pique their curiosity to explore new items in the shop. So to make your store merrier and brighter, take a look at some unique Christmas store decoration ideas right below!

Most Inspiring Christmas store decoration ideas 

These thoughtful decorations will take your creativity outside and give your space a vintage-inspired vibe to get ready for the holiday. 

Marshmallow background

One of the best Christmas store decoration ideas not to miss for your window display is marshmallow garlands. These build up a 3D splendid background for your store’s front window. You can add some string lights to set up a beautiful snowing effect. 

When stringing marshmallows, you can use different types of marshmallows such as Mini Marshmallows and Gingerbread. Prepare some sprigs of greenery and loop a string of garland around to create the festive centerpiece that has all visitors and shoppers smiling.

Christmas tree made of plastic bottles 

Christmas tree made of plastic bottles
Christmas tree made of plastic bottles 

Like Summertown Interiors, it’s possible to use more than 300 100% recycled plastic bottles to set up a giant Christmas tree. These were recycled from their September Water Drinking Wellness initiative to drink 2 liters of water a day with the aim of raising awareness about the benefits of drinking enough water.

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This idea helps your brand deliver the best retail design experience that connects with the emotional needs of the target customers. Also, omnichannel marketing is a great method for retailers to boost sales by encouraging them to buy more gifts this holiday season. Check POS for an all-in-one solution!

Gift box for Christmas display

Find colorful gift boxes that can help reflect your business’ theme and add more height to the displays. Take the Christmas store decoration ideas of Ralph Lauren as great examples – they used 1000 tartan boxes to give more dimension to their items. 

It would be gorgeous to fill these boxes with string lights, ribbons, and bows to make them great for use indoors and outdoors. These are presents that you might not want to unwrap!

Window chalk paint 

Window chalk paint for Christmas display
Window chalk paint for Christmas display

How about copying an easy-to-make Christmas display of a little stationery store in Brussels? All you need is chalk paint to draw a wreath shape that can be seen through a shop window. Add your handwritten texts with the chalk paint and some warm lights into the store to invite more shoppers to get inside.

Animated Christmas designs 

It’s time to dress up your store window with some vivid animated designs. These decorations will be fun for kids to watch and entertain while they’re passing by. Macy’s also used a 2D Christmas display for its campaign to connect to the customers’ classic holiday in childhood. The design is also animated to convey nostalgic messages for the website. 

Christmas themed popup display 

Christmas popup on website
Christmas popup on website

A holiday-themed pop-up is one of the best tactics you can use to create brand awareness, test new markets, and increase revenue

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By adding such a display to your online store for event promotions and special discounts, it’s easy to drive customers to notice your products/services and start shopping around. 

Wrapping Up 

So if any retailer is seeking out some Christmas store decoration ideas to change energy, then the above options may help! Contact us for more effective holiday marketing tips to increase your sales and hit your year-end targets. 

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