8 Creative eCommerce Promotion Ideas to Boost Sales

8 Creative eCommerce Promotion Ideas To Boost Sales

In the era of advanced technology, the entry barrier to building up an eCommerce business is nearly non-existent since anyone wants to take a shot at online retail.

So, how do you bring your products in front of potential leads at the most advantageous moment in their buying journey? Are you going to do any different to your ever-increasing list of competitors?

A majority of new eCommerce businesses see the initial phase of growth gained through a handful of promotional tactics. For some, it’s social media, for others it’s search engine marketing or paid advertising. But as your business grows over time, you need to think outside of the box to maintain your growth trajectory.

This article will put forward 8 creative but simple eCommerce promotion ideas to boost sales in your eCommerce store. Let’s check them.

Why Need eCommerce Promotion Ideas?

eCommerce Promotion Ideas?

Online consumers are becoming savvier and savvier since they have more buying options ever since. Yet, promotion is one of the most valuable persuasion tools for your eCommerce business. 

Here are the major benefits of different eCommerce promotion ideas:

  • Increase sales revenue
  • Convert traffic, hence more sales opportunities
  • Raise brand awareness, increase word-of-mouth
  • Directly engage visitors

8 Creative eCommerce Promotion Ideas to Boost Sales

#1 Run Flash Sales

A flash sale is a short time-bound interval in which you provide an extremely valuable offer such as a discount, a new product package, or something completely different that hasn’t been offered to your audience a little while ago.

eCommerce promotion ideas: run flash sales

The time-bound nature of these campaigns, often coupled with a limited product stock, lure customers to buy instantly, rather than waiting. This links up our human instinct to impulsively purchase something just in case we miss out on it.

In eCommerce, flash sales are an effective and suitable tactic for selling off-season stock or poor performance product lines that are occupied in your storage space.

#2 Build a Reward Point Program

75% of customers say they would switch brands for a more preferable loyalty program.

Loyalty programs have been an eCommerce favorite throughout the years. Not only improve your relationships with customers but they also improve repeat purchases, collect valuable customer data, and decrease marketing costs.

eCommerce promotion ideas: build a reward point program

There are numerous types of loyalty programs to consider and reward point programs are one of them. It does not only help you entice new buyers and provide them with powerful incentives to return to your store and make repeat purchases but also ensures that existing loyal customers still have a sense of being highly valued by your business and hence willing to introduce you to their acquaintance.

#3 Hold some Contests

Contests are an excellent way to spread the word about your brand. Not only does it stimulate your existing customers but also others who catch wind of you via social media or their friends. To further expand the reach, you can collaborate with other brands and leave no stone unturned to attract people.

The sky’s the limit, you can try asking a selfie with your products, photo caption ideas and trivia to identify your yet-to-launch product. Just be sure that wherever you run the contest, whether on your website or a social media platform, you clearly state the rules and regulations and also respect any laws applicable in your country.

#4 Send Email Blasts

eCommerce promotion ideas: send email blasts

Email is perhaps one of the most powerful marketing channels that can bring up to $44 for every dollar spent. This drives marketing email campaigns to be a perfect tool for eCommerce promotion ideas that works straight off.

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The number of practicable email strategies is unlimited, although you need to take into account that bombarding your subscribers with several messages won’t benefit you at all. A smart and well-planned approach is a must to make things work properly. 

Welcome emails, for instance, is a fantastic way to introduce your brand to a newbie and bring some bestsellers or featured products into the limelight. 

#5 Cooperate with Influencers

Recently, influencer marketing became one of the most effective eCommerce promotion ideas. Influencers are those who can increase your reach, enhance brand awareness, and promote your products. They are all the buzz in digital at this time, why not give it a fair shot? 

The steps are pretty simple to take: First, you need to decide whether your budget allows you to work with mega and celeb influencers. If not, you could work with micro-influencers who have niche expertise. Then, pick an influencer who is most suitable for your brand. 

The important thing is dealing with the scope of work. For example, asking them to write feedback posts, host giveaways and LIVE sessions of unboxing, reviewing,… on their social media, either Instagram, YouTube or Facebook and even more. 

#6 Localize your Marketing

The eCommerce landscape is a global endeavor in this day and age. There is almost no reason for not selling products to just about any country worldwide. This implies that scaling up is quicker and more attainable than ever.

However, the desire to “Go Global” sometimes can degrade the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. People tend to respond more assertively to location-based marketing due to dissimilarities in culture and taste. This is why large eCommerce stores have several websites for different locations, along with locally-targeted ad campaigns, varying product lines, and location-based deals.

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Here goes one of the most creative eCommerce promotion ideas by Daniel Wellington brand which has a country selection menu for guests and each view displays location-based messaging.

Localize you marketing

#7 Leverage User-Generated-Content (UGC)

UGC is proved to be 35% more memorable than other media. But what is UGC? And why do you need it as one of your eCommerce promotion ideas?

On the whole, users, from their desire, create content to play a greater role in a brand’s community of followers. UGC can be very powerful since it contributes social proof, enhances your exposure to a new audience, and raises trust by association.

User generated content

The most popular sources for UGC that your eCommerce store can leverage are social media posts, customer reviews and blog post product reviews.

Here are additional 5 Tips to Get More User-generated Content for Your Business.

#8 Hold A Giveaway 

Giveaways are a perfect way to increase website traffic, drive customer engagement and grow a social media tribe. By running a giveaway, you will attract attention to both your brand and your product. 

You can launch a giveaway amongst your loyalty lists or prior to a special day. The majority of your audience will be pleased to join in a giveaway since we all know that everyone loves freebies. This will, of course, allow you to feature the product you want to promote. Hope you soon come up with some perfect eCommerce promotion ideas for your own store. 

Wrapping up

As an eCommerce store owner, you are up against the more and more fierce competition. Starting to establish an online store has never been simpler, particularly with the development of social media marketplaces and other helpful platforms for marketing goods online.

If you want to cut through the noise and be outstanding to potential customers in your niche, you may need a toolkit of promotional tactics at your entire disposal. The above 8 eCommerce promotion ideas are a creative starting point that you can put to use immediately.

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