What You Should Know About eCommerce POS

For every retailer, customers should be able to have the same purchasing experience regardless of whether they buy on your website, through your mobile app, or in your physical store. That is why eCommerce POS is the top option to create a seamless customer experience across all company’s assets. 

What is eCommerce POS integration?

The main system powering your consumer experience is your eCommerce platform. Inventory management, customer account management, shipping/warehousing information, sales data, and other tasks are all available on this platform.

Meanwhile, the POS system is the hardware and software that collects sales data from customers. POS systems typically capture just basic consumer information connected to a single purchase, however, most merchants improve their systems to increase their capabilities.

These two systems appear to be a perfect match for accurate product data, updated inventory levels, faster shipping, and ease of use. So many eCommerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, etc. have chosen ConnectPOS integration to enhance their omnichannel success.

Why do retailers need an eCommerce POS?

Enable omnichannel order fulfillment 

Customers nowadays want the purchase to be simple and quick. The majority of people anticipate their orders to arrive the same day, if not hours later. Walmart, for example, uses its retail shops to fulfill Internet orders:

  • Consider each location as a fulfillment center.
  • Choose stores that are close to popular client routes.
  • Automate the delivery of internet orders to fulfillment centers in physical locations.
  • Continue the online order procedure at the POS system at the store.
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Moreover, the model Buy online, Pick up in-store is a great feature of eCommerce POS. It allows clients to order things online and pick them up in-store or even on the side of the road. Also, they can return things they bought online to the shop.

Customers will have more convenient delivery alternatives and will receive things more quickly. At the same time, retailers can save money on delivery.

Improve customer experience

Integrated eCommerce POS systems provide real-time solutions to a variety of company objectives while also increasing consumer satisfaction across all omnichannel touchpoints. It integrates your online business with a POS system to provide a consistent consumer experience by a variety of payment ways, simple online ordering, and integration of omnichannel marketing with loyalty schemes.

Avoid overselling with inventory in real-time

Any business owner knows how important it is to streamline inventory management across channels. And you may see your inventory in real-time across online and offline channels with an eCommerce POS system: 

  • Keep track of which items need to be promoted and which products are in high demand so you can order more of them.
  • Restock the appropriate item at the appropriate time and at the appropriate location.
  • Stocks are transferred between warehouses and places.
  • To maximize your inventory holding price, avoid out-of-stock and overstock situations.

Cross-channel promotions and discounts are available

Manually applying discounts at the POS system might delay the registration process to take longer and raise the risk of fraud. As a result, having a retail system that effectively connects eCommerce and POS is critical to create the loyalty program more efficiently, enhance the shopping experience for customers, and increase revenue and sales.

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It offers a variety of strategies for growing your customer base and encouraging customers to shop on both channels, such as:

  • Create and use discounts in both online and offline channels.
  • Automatically suggest deals and discounts at the point of sale and on websites.
  • Loyalty points may be accumulated and used for both online and offline orders.
  • Both online and offline retailers sell and redeem gift cards.


To fulfill customers’ increased expectations, it’s vital to deliver a smooth purchase experience with an eCommerce POS system. So call us now to find out the best solution for your own business.

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