Top 3 Advantages of Using POS for Magento Websites

Point of Sale (POS) technology has been changing the way businesses sell. One of the major eCommerce platforms is Magento and it has many POS extensions that support retailers to run all the in-store sales via Magento. POS for Magento provides quick and error-free checkout process and assists customers with minimal resources required. 

In this blog, we will give you top 3 Magento POS advantages.

Seamless Store Management

A POS system that runs off your Magento base comes integrated with your Magento database and settings. This enables you to sell the same online products at the store and run every sale (online and in-store) via Magento.

It synchronizes data in real-time from all points of services and operates it centrally. You can avoid selling out-of-stock products, maintain the stock level, regional sales-based product listing, pricing and promotion consistency.

The Sewing Studio, one of the largest sewing machine dealers in England, uses ConnectPOS and Embedded ERP to manage inventory online and offline. They have two online stores and one flagship showroom in Redruth and need to streamline inventory among stores.

Embedded ERP by Boostmyshop installed on Magento acts as the central point to manage inventory. ConnectPOS connects to Magento, and thus Embedded ERP, to get the inventory information. Then, if any changes in stock happen in ConnectPOS, it will send the updated info to Magento in real-time.

By sending and receiving the stock info instantly, The Sewing Studio is kept up to date.

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Boost Productivity

POS for Magento helps your shop operators work faster and more efficiently. They don’t need to deal with different devices or tools; they can perform tasks and monitor operations on a single device, such as a laptop, PC or iPad.

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Many steps of the selling process are automated or simplified, such as tracking stock; thus, you can reduce human effort. Your shop operators can focus on bringing the best experience to your customers and other productive things.

A stable Magento POS can help reduce human errors, which can take a lot of time to fix. For instance, staff may pack wrong products, forget to process the payment, assign delivery to a wrong address or simply forget to ship the order, especially during peak hours. POS can quicken these processes while reducing human error. Data will be synchronized in real time between POS and Magento.

When the Internet’s down, you don’t have to stop selling because POS will switch to Offline Mode automatically and let you create orders and accept payments normally. When the Internet’s back, POS will automatically push the information to Magento for you.

Analytics and Reports

POS combines in-store data with online data from Magento, then offers reports and analytics to make you powerful. It generates critical information that is immensely useful for businesses.

Analytics can give you a deep insight into your business performance. Analytics brief you with sales reports, order history, seasonal sales, best selling products, peak hours and other useful data. These reports help you to strategize your sales and plan the future.

POS for Magento: pos and magento data in one report

Customer analytics helps business owners understand their customers better, too. Online and offline traits of a specific customer can now be tagged to one correct identity. The precious knowledge will come in handy when you run loyalty programs and design personalized promotion campaigns to raise sales.

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There are many Magento-based POS with their own strengths on the current market. You can visit Magento Marketplace to read the information and reviews of the most popular POS for Magento.

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