Best Magento 2 Reward Point Extension in 2021

Best Magento 2 Reward Point Extension In 2021

Rewarding points is one of the best ways businesses can maintain relationships with both new and existing customers. Not only attracting new buyers and providing them with strong incentives to purchase, but it also tightens the bond with your loyal customers as they have the feelings of being valued by your business. Research by Yotpo shows that 60% of customers will share the brand they like with their friends and family. Fortunately, ECommerce retailers that use Magento 2 platform have a wide variety of reward point extensions to choose from. In this article today, we would introduce to you the top four best Magento 2 reward point extensions in 2021 to help build your store and increase customer loyalty. 

The list below is not a ranking list and the prices quoted here can change. 

What Is A Reward Point Program? 

Before we start with our list, let’s first take a close look at what is a reward point program. When customers take specific actions on your website, such as register for a new account, make a purchase up to a certain amount, refer a friend, or write reviews for products, they will be able to earn points under their membership account. 

After the points are added, customers can exchange those points for discounts, free samples, or the chance to buy the limited collections of your products. Some loyalty programs allow shoppers to update to higher membership tiers with more special offers and exclusive rewards when their points reach a specific level. 


Mageplaza - a Magento 2 reward point extension

Magento 2 reward point extension by Mageplaza is a very powerful loyalty program. It entices online shoppers to repeat purchasing multiple times by building an automatic point earning and spending system. This act would help cut down the budget for marketing, yet increase the effectiveness in retargeting old customers and attracting new consumers to eCommerce stores. 

The integration can help retailers set up a reward program that runs automatically based on multiple earning and spending rates configured for each customer group and store view. 

Here are some key features of the Magento 2 reward point extension by Mageplaza:

  • Earn points for purchases
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When customers complete an order online, points are automatically awarded. These points are added to the buyers’ account balances which can be exchanged into discount codes at checkout in later orders

  • Creative point labels 

Reward points are often called ‘Points’ on the website which is repeatable between many online businesses. To make the loyalty program more playful and interesting, the Mageplaza extension enables store owners to choose creative names such as coin, flower, or heart

  • Point expiration  

To push the customers to buy but not being too pushy online, point expiration is an appropriate option. The reward point integration by Mageplaza allows retailers to set an expiration date for the loyal customers which will create an urgent need to purchase for customers

  • Point spending slider  

This function entitles shoppers to choose how many points they want to spend or exchange, which is shown on the cart page or checkout page

The Mageplaza extension is the cheapest option on our list which starts at $99 only.

Mageplaza in store


Aheadworks - a Magento 2 reward points extension

The Magento 2 reward point extension offered by AheadWorks is a bit expensive, starting at $349. However, it is simple to use bonuses with multiple advanced features. To set up, store admins need to go through two solid steps. 

First, the earn and spend rates need to be determined. Then, the store owners will choose what kinds of activities (purchase, register for membership, give emails, etc) will bring points. Once the system is all set, retailers can manage all point-related transactions from the backend and make adjustments where necessary. 

Here are some advanced features of the Magento 2 reward point extension by AheadWorks: 

  • Refund to points 

When a customer wants to refund, the store can offer them points instead of cash, which will put the financial report at ease as no money is going in or out

  • Point usage limitation 

Retailers can define the maximum value which a customer can buy using points

  • Rewarded multiple activities 

Points are not only limited to when shoppers make a purchase. Instead, customers can earn points with various actions such as social sharing, newsletter signup, account registration, etc

  • Minimum point coverage 
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To encourage customers to buy a certain amount, admins can set the minimum value the cart needs to reach in order to use points. We recommend retailers not to set the bar too high as it would seem pushy and give shoppers negative feelings about your store

aheadworks in store


webkul - A Magento 2 reward point extension

The Magento 2 reward point extension by Webkul costs $199 to install. Points are referred to as credit on this platform. Apart from enabling merchants to reward points to their customers, Webkul allows shoppers to redeem points on the cart page or at checkout, wherever it is more convenient for them. 

Merchants can set the value for each point and create different rules for points based on sales, product price, or on a particular product. However, it is highly recommended for retailers to calculate points earned the same way for every item, or the difference between point-per-product should be small. Or else, it would make your store look like a scam and untrustworthy. 

Here are several key features of the Magento 2 reward point extension by Webkul: 

  • Time limits for rewards 

To encourage customers to interact more with your site, a time limit is applied and emails will be sent out to remind customers when the expiration date comes close. 

  • Email notifications 

Customers will receive emails telling them how many points do they have in their account, when will it expire, and what kinds of rewards can be redeemed using the available points

  • Multiple rules for points 

Merchants can manage the conditions for receiving points from the backend of their website, including edit or delete the existing rules by using a checkbox. Retailers can also select all listed rules and delete in one click. 

Webkul In Store


Amasty - A Magento 2 reward point extension

Starting at $299, Magento 2 reward point extension by Amasty is the last name on our list today. It allows retailers to set various events to reward customers when they take action on the website. While shopping, the platform can show the number of points shoppers can earn next to every single item to act as a motivation. 

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Additionally, the Amasty reward point entitles you to give points to customers’ accounts who are not active for some time or congratulate them with points as gifts on their special occasions such as Valentine’s Day, birthday, or anniversaries. The integration helps merchants to increase the average daily order by adding points when shoppers spend a specific amount of money on your products. 

Here are some advanced features of the Magento 2 reward point extension by Amasty:

  • Flexible earning rules 

Merchants can personalize their loyalty program by creating advanced conditions to earn points based on the value of each cart, the number of products, how frequently the customers shop at your store

  • Custom messages 

Custom messages about how many rewards and points buyers are able to earn will show up along the way throughout the shopping journey. This platform also allows merchants to place blocks to describes what benefits customers can earn if using the reward points

  • Reward points analysis 

Amasty will generate a report to analyze customers’ activities on your website, including which products are doing well and which are not so that we can increase or reduce the points given when buyers choose the items

  • Special occasion points 

When creating an account on your website, the system will ask for some basic information such as birthday, family members’ birthday or anniversaries, if the customers are willing to answer. Based on these data, Amasty can reward points automatically when the days come

amasty in store

Wrapping Up 

Through this article, we have done all the hard work to find out the top Magento 2 reward point extension for your store. All you need to do is to make a wise decision between these options to see which one is the most suitable for your store. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions!

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