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5 Best Shopify POS Apps For Omnichannel Journey in 2022

Thanks to its simplicity, Shopify has been a go-to choice for merchants to kick-start their online business. To deliver the best customer service, Shopify is always open to additional integrations, whether from Shopify or other third-party providers. One of the most common add-on functions for retailers is Point-of-Sale (POS).

To help you decide on the best Shopify POS apps, we have dived deep into the market and found out the top 5 popular POS software for retail businesses. We hope that with this list, you can find the perfect solution for your retail omnichannel experience!

Note: The list below is not a ranking list and the prices quoted here can change.

Shopify POS system by ConnectPOS

ConnectPOS has gained its popularity among retailers, especially the SMEs, thanks to multiple useful functions and flexible pricing plans. ConnectPOS has been a reliable solution for more than 200 Shopify retailers.  

Best Shopify POS apps: ConnectPOS Shopify POS

ConnectPOS app has won the heart of all users by its unique features:

  • Compatible with both PC (Windows & macOS) and mobile devices (Android & iOS). Android compatibility is what makes ConnectPOS stand out: They are the ONLY provider in the market that supports Android devices. 
  • 100% real-time synchronization between inventories and the POS system
  • No transaction fee when using third-party payment gateways
  • Select multiple warehouses in one order
  • Free 24/7 support

And other practical and effective POS features that guarantee a frictionless online-offline connection!

These amazing functions make ConnectPOS one of the best Shopify POS apps in the market right now. This favouritism is shown through customers’ feedback and rating: With 4.7 stars rating on Shopify App Store, “this app works extremely well, and I am more than impressed with the tech support provided. Would recommend everyone to try it.” 

ConnectPOS comes with a wide range of pricing plans, so they can serve businesses at all sizes! After 14-days free trial, store owners can choose among 4 packages for subscriptions, both monthly and yearly:

  • The $9 Basic 
  • The $49 Standard 
  • The $79 Advanced 
  • The $99 Premium 

Point of Sale by Shopify

On the journey to find your perfect POS software for Shopify, it’s 100% that you’re gonna take a look at the built-in Point of Sale app developed by the platform itself. Shopify is known to actively support merchants’ performance by creating free additional services, and a POS system is one of them.

Best Shopify POS apps: Shopify POS

Coming in two options: The free Lite version and the $89/month Pro version, Shopify POS is creating a seamless omnichannel journey for thousands of retailers. However, there’re big differences between these two versions.

For Shopify POS Lite version, you have:

  • Compatible with Shopify POS hardware
  • Compatible with PC and iPad
  • Support mobile checkout
  • Custom sales
  • Refund and Exchange
  • Multi locations on inventory
  • Support discounts within POS
  • Show order history
  • Integrate with email marketing
  • Sales report system
  • Free support

For Shopify Pro version, you have all Lite features and other advanced functions such as:

  • Click-and-Collect
  • Shipping
  • Print and customize receipts
  • Save and Retrieve cart
  • Smart inventory management: Easily transfer stock, manage stock numbers and forecast products’ changes

Point of Sale by Shopify is widely used by store owners since it’s included in the Shopify plans, however, there are complaints about bugs and failed synchronization. The rating on the Shopify App Store is quite low, only 2.1 stars. Due to a huge number of POS users, Shopify cannot handle every request quickly. 

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Yet with their constant improvements, the integration is still considered one of the best Shopify POS apps. The Pro version especially receives great feedback, although its price is still a big concern for users. 

QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale by QuickBooks Intuit

Developed by QuickBooks – a well-known accounting software provider – the Shopify POS system is loved by many sellers globally. As a multi-platform POS software, QuickBooks POS for Shopify is showing its strength through various essential POS features:

  • Support contactless payments
  • Save a huge customer database, which helps store operators to quickly identify customers
  • Create customized loyalty programs
  • Auto-update data seamlessly between inventory and the POS system
  • Sync data to QuickBooks for users who have already integrated this accounting software into their system
  • Customize and print receipts
  • Accept multiple payment methods
  • In-depth reports system
  • Free support
Best Shopify POS apps:  QuickBooks POS

If you just want a one-time payment, QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale will be the ideal solution. There’re three plans to take into consideration:

  • The POS Basic package costs $720
  • The POS Pro package costs $1020
  • The POS Multi-store package costs $1140

The POS hardware is sold separately in case you need one. 

Vend POS Software by Vend

Serving more than 25,000 retailers worldwide, Vend is a trustworthy name in the technology world. One of their most famous products is Vend POS Software – a point of sale system that is compatible with multiple eCommerce, including Shopify. 

Best Shopify POS apps: Vend POS

Some of the winning points of the Vend POS app for Shopify are:

  • Customize dashboard and sell screen
  • Create custom receipts
  • Support multi-outlet retail management
  • Diverse loyalty programs and discount rules
  • Save and retrieve carts
  • Allow Return and Refund
  • Split payment and Layaway available
  • Advanced staff management: You can set up different permissions and closely manage cash flow and register activities
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Along with its global free support, Vend POS for Shopify is more and more popular among retailers. However, the subscriptions price is quite high: $99/month for the Lite version and $129 for the Pro version. If you want an enterprise solution, you need to contact the Vend team for a quote. 

Hike POS by Hike

Last but not least, we cannot forget Hike POS when listing the best Shopify apps on the market right now. Also being a multi-platform POS system, Hike POS has appeared in various top POS listings. You can experience these features when using Hike POS for your Shopify stores:

  • Real-time inventory and orders synchronization
  • Real-time analytics
  • Detailed customer profiles 
  • Multi-aspect report systems
  • Accounting integration available
  • Support email marketing
  • Allow Returns and Refunds 
  • Create various loyalty programs
  • Set up separate user roles
  • Support multiple payment methods
  • Free 24/7 support
Best Shopify POS apps: Hike POS

As a Pay-As-You-Go solution, Hike POS for Shopify is divided into 3 pricing packages:

  • The $69 Start-up plan
  • The $99 One store plan
  • The $199 Multi-store plan

The first two versions are only suitable for businesses that have one outlet. 

In conclusion, 

With this list, we believe that you have found the best Shopify POS apps to begin a new chapter of your omnichannel business

For more information, send us your request and our professional team will get back to you as soon as possible!

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