BigCommerce Customers and their omnichannel examples

BigCommerce Customers And Their Omnichannel Examples

BigCommerce is among the top four biggest eCommerce platforms on the market, which powers more than 25 Fortune 1000 companies and many other industry-leading brands. In this article today, we will look at some of the most famous BigCommerce customers and their omnichannel business examples. 

These brands have used BIgCommerce for years to design their website and have earned great achievements. Along with BigCommerce, they also adapted to the new trend of retail business – omnichannel – to further improve their customer’s experience and boost their reputation worldwide. 


As one of the leading BigCommerce customers, Pandora is famous for its customizable charm bracelets, designer rings, necklaces, watches. The brand appears in more than 100 countries on six continents around the world with up to 7,800 points-of-sale. 

Pandora - a Bigcommerce customers

In early 2018, the company announced to put digital marketing at its center, focusing on creating a digitalized brand experience and an omnichannel business. Launching in 2012, the Pandora app has been doing a very good job at updating the newest/limited charm collections, helping to find the nearest store, setting up a polishing appointment, and many other great features no matter where you are in the world. 

Both the app and the website allow ladies to design their own bracelets by selecting the charms from multiple collections and pick up in-store to avoid the risk of being lost during delivery. The charms are made from silver, gold, or rose gold, which will be worn down after a while wearing it. Therefore, Pandora is offering polishing services for free at every store in the world. 

Pandora app - a Bigcommerce customers

You can travel to another country to buy the charms and go to the nearby store back home to get your jewels polished without needing a receipt. All you need to do is using the app to set up an appointment. The Pandora app will ask you some basic information about your charm such as how long you have been wearing it, what is it made of (silver, gold, or rose gold), how many charms do you have, etc. 

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By doing so, Pando’s online revenues rose 54% to take up 9% of overall sales. With the app having clear and concise categories, it helps ladies to choose their charms without the help of an employee in-store. Therefore, the brand was able to reduce its staff by around 400 and implement organizational changes in order to shift more resources to digital. 

Ben & Jerry’s

Among the most prominent BigCommerce customers, Ben & Jerry’s is the most famous manufacturer in the U.S for ice cream, frozen yogurt, and sorbet. It is so popular that Tony Stark in the Avengers continuously mentioned it throughout the movie. Iron Man and Hulk both have flavors that are named after them at the stores. Forbes has named Ben & Jerry as the world’s top-selling ice cream brands with its revenue at $1.23 billion in 2015.  

Ben & Jerry's a BigCommerce customers

The way Ben & Jerry’s choose to implement their omnichannel business has been very creative. They usually send out thousands of ice cream trucks throughout the U.S to give away free ice cream scoops. Customers can follow the trucks on Twitter to see where they are located and also send tweets to win direct delivery of ice cream for free. 

Ben & Jerry's truck - a bigcommerce customer

Every truck has a storyteller that travels with it to tell customers stories about the origin of the flavors. Each storyteller will maintain their own online blog and accept the recommendations on where their truck should visit from the loyal customers who interact frequently on Twitter. 

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For popular or trendy flavors such as the Chunky Monkey or Cherry Garcia, there is a high chance of being out of stock in-store as everyone is craving for it. Knowing this problem, the company has allowed customers to order their favorite flavors online and pick them up in-store to avoid customers coming out of the store empty-handed. The website is capable of real-time synchronization to reflect when a flavor is running out. In this way, customers know what to expect when they step into the store and won’t feel disappointed when they cannot get the flavors they want.  

Ben & Jerry's website


The last brand on the list of BigCommerce customers today is Toyota, the Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer which was founded in 1937. According to Forbes, Toyota Motor’s net worth is $173.3 billion in 2020 with 370,000 employees. Being a Japanese brand, Toyota is a very conservative automaker when it comes to new technology in its cars. This is the key point that separates Toyota from hundreds of other automakers. No matter what trends emerge out there, Toyota cars would always be safe, affordable with the basic design as the brand would rather get the tech right than be first. 

Toyota a BigCommerce customers

Toyota is more proactive when it comes to retail technology. In 2019, it launched a software suite called SmartPath, which was an effort in doing omnichannel business. SmartPath allows customers to shop, buy, and schedule service from anywhere that has an Internet connection. 

Toyota app

The app relays where the customers are in the shopping process to salespeople at the dealership. Customers can download the app on their own mobile devices or using the tablets at the showrooms to access all the important information about the car price, models, capacity, etc.

Final Words

We have discussed some BigCommerce brands and their omnichannel businesses in this article. Please feel free to let us know if you have any further questions!

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