What You Need to Know About Black Friday Statistics

Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Preparing your store for these days isn’t extremely complicated, but it does require meticulous planning. This article will conclude our roundup of the most recent Black Friday statistics, so take a look and put these data to good use in your company. 

Why are Black Friday statistics important to your business?

Without a question, Black Friday is a major thing for eCommerce. Despite the fact that the day was not intended for internet shopping, it appears that customers are breaking from the usual. As a result, the day will see a large increase in internet traffic, which you should take advantage of. For starters, this entails stepping up your online efforts and ensuring that the increased traffic during the rush does not cause your website to slow down.

Furthermore, as we have seen, shoppers are increasingly using their mobile devices to do online transactions. As a result, you must ensure that your website is mobile-friendly and easy to access. Then, using a functional software like ConnectPOS can fluently better customer service on a busy day.

Black Friday Statistics On Shopping Habits 

What do people look for on Black Friday?

According to IMI International, in 2020, the top five things that are being searched include: items on sale (23%), being local (18%), customer reviews (17%), suggestions (12%), and things that are new (11%). 

What about “kids toys” on Black Friday?

A few published research show 2020 Black Friday data of some online retailers. When looking for “kids toys” on Black Friday in the United States, the following are the top results:

  • LEGO (40%) and Crayola (10%) are the most popular products on Amazon.
  • Osmo (30%), Creativity for Kids (20%), and B. Toys (10%) are the top three search results on Target.
  • Step2 (20%), Barbie (10%), Fisher-Price (10%), Hot Wheels (10%), and Nerf (10%) are the most popular items at Kohl’s.

Black Friday Statistics On Revenue

Adobe Analytics reveals that the estimated sales income for Black Friday 2020 is $184 billion. While the real revenue for Black Friday 2020 is $188.2 billion. 

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An article of RetailNext on Forbes shows that in 2020, physical shop traffic decreased by 42.3%. Moreover, visits to brick-and-mortar businesses during the Black Friday weekend in 2020 will be down by 49% compared to 2019. 

Consumers are spending a significant amount of money online, as seen by the increasing order value. And, because e-commerce has shown to be efficient, this tendency may continue in the future. Consumer interest in spending online will continue to be swayed by the ease and simplicity of online purchases.

During a pandemic, online shopping seemingly replaced a lot of in-store shopping. Therefore, installing ConnectPOS should be the next action of the store owners if they want to balance between current fluctuations. Through the report system, retailers can monitor daily performance and keep track of staff shift data. This software, combining online and offline stores, allows them to always get a clear status of the shop.

Black Friday Statistics On Shopping Experience 

What time did shoppers intend to go to stores in 2020?

A 2020 survey from Deloitte reported that:

  • 36% of customers anticipate going shopping between the hours of 12 a.m. and 6 a.m. 
  • 46% of consumers plan to visit the business between the hours of 7 and 10 a.m.
  • Only 17% of Black Friday buyers are unclear about what hour they will go shopping. 

Why didn’t US shoppers want to shop in physical stores?

Drive Research polled 2,000 U.S. consumers to find out how they expect to spend Black Friday in 2020. Due to health and safety concerns, many people want to stay at home.

  • 60.8% of shoppers refused to shop in-store because there will be too many people. 
  • 57.1% were concerned much about health or safety due to the pandemic. 
  • 40.9% noted that waiting in a long line was a reason. 
  • 25% said they could get better prices online. 
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However, ConnectPOS can handle the above reasons and give customers the best online shopping experience.

In short

These Black Friday Statistics, without a doubt, have confirmed that Black Friday is becoming the pinnacle of bargain shopping for online buyers. To keep up with the ever-changing customer shopping habit, businesses need to apply more business methods like ConnectPOS to be able to improvise in a timely manner. So, give us a call immediately to receive much more valuable advice and a free compelling trial!

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