What Is A Buyer Persona And How To Build It?

What Is A Buyer Persona?

A buyer persona is a profile that is a researched image of a typical customer for a business. It describes who will be your perfect client or customer, what are their daily needs and other details that distinguish these target customers from other people. It also depicts how they will make a decision.

For a business, it’s important to have a buyer persona to understand its customers. Buyer personal can be also called marketing personas or customer personas etc., but the purpose is always the same.

A buyer persona describes who is your typical customer

Why IS A Buyer Persona Important?

A buyer persona ensures that a business develops plans that fulfill buyers’ requirements. It is always essential to understand what exactly customers need and their requirements. 

Based on research and proper data, buyer personas are semi-fictional representations of your proper customer. It assists you to focus on the qualified prospect and provides a proper guide for product development that suits the needs of your target customers. It will also help to improve work conditions and organization. As a result, you will be able to attract high-value customers and generate more leads.

How To Create A Buyer Persona?

A buyer persona is often created by using a survey or conducting interviews with customers. To create a successful buyer persona, there are a number of points that you should consider:

Demographic Information

At the beginning of your survey or interview, you should include questions about demographics, such as their background, age group, gender or social status. This can help to identify your team’s potential customers and make them more specific. This is because, in the future, you might need to develop different strategies for each demographic’s background, for example, a promotional strategy that is specifically designed for teenagers. Another approach is to build a persona that targets a specific demographic group from the beginning.

The Motivation Of Your Business

This is another important part. When developing questions for your customers and during the survey/interview, make sure to keep in mind the motivation of your business: why does your business need this persona, and how exactly can it help? Be as specific as possible, and try to gather all the points together to avoid overwhelming your customers when doing the survey/interview.

Why does your business need this persona, and how exactly can it help?

Sales Team’s Information

It is also important to consider the sales team’s information of who will conduct the interview. Moreover, during a conversation with customers, you should inform them about the sales team’s information for future questions or contact. You may create a list of staff who will be involved in building the buyer persona and their contact information for any requirement that arises in the future.

Survey/Interview With Customers

You also have to train your employees on how to talk with your persona during the interview, or how to come up with survey questions. It is important that every customer should feel comfortable in providing the information. Confidentiality is also important to mention to them, such as the information is also be used for the business to develop better service.

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Moreover, your sales team needs to offer a suitable pitch/ description about the survey which attracts customers. As a manager, you should make sure your employees all provide the same pitch.

customer interview
Every customer should feel comfortable in sharing the information

Final Words

All in all, understanding what exactly your client needs via a buyer persona can help to improve your business service/product. It helps to grow business in a sustainable way.

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