ConnectPOS is the finalist of Seamless Asia Awards 2018!

ConnectPOS is the finalist of Seamless Asia Awardsa 2018!

We’re happy to announce that our high-speed Magento POS for omnichannel retailers, ConnectPOS, has become the finalist for Seamless Asia Awards 2018 – Category: Best Use of In-store Technology.

ConnectPOS has empowered 500+ merchants all over the world, connecting physical stores and web stores in real time for a seamless experience in shopping for customers and management for shop owners. With ConnectPOS, shop operators can quickly create an order and accept payments with various options, including mixing different payment methods in one order and take deposits.

ConnectPOS supports a wide range of in-store functions, such as: put an order on hold for later check out, refund, exchange, home delivery. Beyond those, it enables customers to shop and shift smoothly between physical stores and online store thanks to omnichannel features, namely Send cart to wishlist, Retrieve items in wishlist to cart and Click-and-collect. The winning point of the whole process for customers is that when they dive into different channels, their brand value and reward points don’t get lost because their data are fully synchronized anytime, anywhere.

Shop owners also enjoy a smooth multi-store management process with ConnectPOS, too. The updates in Magento and web store are reflected immediately in all the stores, so they can stay headache-free from all the problems caused by information mismatch. Customizable dashboard plus the advanced reports available and updated daily in ConnectPOS helps shop owners know the current performance of all channels and take timely actions to optimize revenue.

That’s why we feel so thrilled to be recognized for our effort in helping merchants build a seamless system for themselves and their customers. We’re heading to the event with the hope of bringing the trophy in May.

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Please vote for ConnectPOS at Seamless Asia Awards 2018 and schedule a meeting with us at the event to know more about our solution and how we can help your business grow!

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