ConnectPOS launches on Shopify Marketplace

ConnectPOS officially launches on Shopify Marketplace

With the experience of successfully helping 1000+ Magento merchants over the last few years, ConnectPOS has now expanded its great work and service to other Ecommerce platforms including Shopify and BigCommerce. If you are looking for a POS software solution for your Shopify retail stores, good news is that you can now find ConnectPOS officially launched on Shopify Marketplace. Details can be found here:

ConnectPOS officially launches on Shopify Marketplace
ConnectPOS officially launches on Shopify Marketplace

Shopify retailers can now benefit from ConnectPOS notable advantages including high-speed, security, stability and multi-store scalability. ConnectPOS provides all the essential features for Shopify merchants to integrate their online and offline stores for an omnichannel experience. It enables consumers to click and collect, synchronize information across platforms and devices and have a seamless shopping experience. For store owners, it helps to digitize customer behaviors, track data in real time at customer touchpoints and provide intelligent business recommendations. We also apply cutting-edge technology (PWA Consumer App, Customer Screen, Facial Recognition…) to help retailers create personalized experience for their customers, thus improve retention, enhance brand loyalty and boost sales. In a wider picture, Shopify retailers can also maximize the full power of the POS system with the leading integrations in terms of payment, inventory & logistics, and gift cards. 

If you want to try our POS for Shopify, book a 14-day free trial or find us on Shopify Marketplace.

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