ConnectPOS is faster and fully supports offline mode

ConnectPOS is now faster & fully supports POS offline mode

New Year 2019 is here and as a thank-you gift to all our devoted retailers, we are delighted to announce our latest product updates: ConnectPOS now can work faster and smoothly even in offline mode.

1. Increase the speed of the sales page

Fast POS software

ConnectPOS applies the latest technology of Google to change the sales page loading mechanism, thus significantly increases the page speed. When the transmission speed is slow, the data is retrieved from the previous cache and then the new data is retrieved for comparison. If there is a change, it will be automatically updated. As a result, users can now load the sales page normally and quickly even in low-speed 3G connection.

2. Fully support offline mode

ConnectPOS offline-mode

Most notably, ConnectPOS now fully supports offline mode. Dropping the Internet connection might be the last thing any retailers want since it adversely affects the speed and accuracy of their brick-and-mortar store operation. But now, in case of connection lost, ConnectPOS will automatically switch to offline mode and normally conduct operation tasks. Shop owners can quickly choose the items, manually insert the discount rate, and smoothly take any kinds of dummy payment with ease including cash, credit card or debit card payment. And at the end of the day, they still have the full report with accurate balance in the POS.

For the time being, we are taking final steps to provide instant 24/7 technical support to all of ConnectPOS users. Our dedicated team will stay with you anytime at any day to give any help you need, all in order to ensure your brick-and-mortar store can operate smoothly and efficiently.

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