POS Review: ConnectPOS vs Loyverse POS

Thanks to POS systems, business owners have witnessed huge changes in recent years. Many POS providers have become familiar with retailers, such as ConnectPOS and Loyverse

Both systems are powerful cloud-based  POS, yet there are differences that make them suitable for particular business types. 

In the following article, we’ll analyze in detail these traits to help you choose the right POS system in the long term.



ConnectPOS is the leading cloud POS software for omnichannel retail stores to create a seamless customer experience when shopping. 

This is an all-in-one pos system that is suitable for any small and medium omnichannel business. Intending to create a seamless omnichannel journey cross-platform, ConnectPOS allows retailers to access it anywhere on all devices with or without the internet. 

Loyverse POS 

Loyverse POS is the software that is designed for small businesses such as salons, cafes, etc as well as the perfect solution for anyone who wants to upgrade detailed transactions in pen and paper or Excel files into a cloud-based system. 

In addition, it is mainly designed for smart devices such as smartphones, tablets, iPad, etc helping more convenience in small stores. 


ConnectPOS is compatible with both PC (Windows & macOS) and also mobile devices (iOS & Android) to support on-the-go experiences for retailers. 

Opposite to this, Loyverse POS is only suitable for mobile devices which have fewer advantages when it comes to serving larger customer segmentation to compare. 

One more benefit is having the PWA Consumer App designed for the Magento platform. With this feature, consumers can easily scan the barcode with their phone to find more product information, even order out-of-stock products. 

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Surely the customer’s experience when shopping in your store with ConnectPOS is better than other POS systems.



The plan is starting with $49 monthly and if you pay annually, it’s reduced to $39 per month. They offer to retailers a wide range of highlighted features, included: 

  • Real-Time Synchronization
  • Multiple Payments Method Support 
  • AI Facial Recognition
  • Instantly Stock Update

For any retailers who want to start, it offers a 14-days free trial that helps retailers experience the best service of the pos system. 

Loyverse POS

On the other hand, Loyverse POS is starting free for any retailers. This seems like the best solution for any retailer, but it will cost when you want to add on some features likes: 

  • Employee Management – $5 per month 
  • Advanced Inventory – $25 per month
  • Integrations – $9 per month

It can be seen that when compared in pricing, each of these POS systems have their own spaces. However, ConnectPOS is the most appropriate for any retailers that want to get big in their omnichannel business. Let’s analyze the reason why in the next parts. 


Based on the core values of each pos system, we’ll have a look into the top three main features of both ConnectPOS and Loyverse POS, comprise with: 

  • Data Consolidation 
  • Checkout Process 
  • Customer’s Experience with Mobile Devices

Data Consolidation  


This is the pos system that connects both online and offline stores of your omnichannel business that allow gathering all data in one place. The real-time synchronization allows all data to automatically sync in real-time between online and offline stores, included: 

  • Products
  • Orders
  • Customers
  • Tax info
  • Inventory and other settings. 

With this feature, retailers can access data across multiple devices and allow multiple users to access this data. 

When changes are made, they are updated synchronously for all users and allow all changes to be made on any device, making it more convenient. 

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LoyversePOS also supports an offline mode. When the connection is weak or lost, the POS will automatically sync data when the Internet is restored.

To achieve a seamless experience in managing both online and offline stores, ConnectPOS takes one before all in this field. 

Checkout Process 


Not only various payment methods, but also supports multi-currency, split tenders which accept many types of payment in transactions, and partial payment which allows customers to make a deposit and pay the rest later by any method.

Moreover, it offers receipt customized which helps businesses to have opportunities to promote themselves.

Loyverse POS

Loyverse POS offers a basic checkout process that includes scanning barcodes, making payments, and creating printed or electronic receipts. In addition, this pos system also offers barcode scanning which uses the camera in the tablet or smartphone to scan barcodes, but it is only available for the iOS version only. 

Also, you can pay $25 per month for an Advanced Inventory plan to create new barcodes and print them with a label printer. 

When comparing this part, each of the pos systems has its specific characteristics for each kind of business, so it will be a draw for this section. 

Customer’s Experience with Mobile Devices


PWA Customer App lets retailers create a seamless shopping experience when customers are shopping in your in-house store via their phones. With PWA Customer App, customers and in-house stores will be able to become one. 

ConnectPOS offers a mobile self-checkout by PWA Custom App which allows customers to make a payment on their mobile devices and have a barcode to prove payment completely. Cashiers only have to scan those barcodes and the checkout process is finished. It will help customers to avoid waiting in line to make purchase payments. Customers can scan the barcode to find more product information, even order out-of-stock products. 

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Additionally, this POS system is designed and provided an iPad App that helped retailers build their own native omnichannel business in their iPad. Not only Magento but also working well on web browsers so it fits any device. 

Loyverse POS 

The main responsibility of this POS system is working for mobile devices, thereby, it is obvious when it comes to mobile customer experience.

It is also offered to scan barcodes on items during a sale with the built-in rear camera of your mobile device. 

Additionally, it will turn any iPad or Android tablet into a cashier. Thereby, it will help customers experience the most flexible shopping journey.

In terms of attracting customers remotely and increasing customer experience on mobile devices, ConnectPOS will lead by 1 point when compared to Loyverse POS.


ConnectPOS are integrated with many popular eCommerce platforms nowadays, some of them can be mentioned as: 

  • Magento 
  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce 
  • WooCommerce 

No matter what platform you are using now, with ConnectPOS, you can easily integrate into it with a lot of features that support your omnichannel business. 

Some of the popular payment solution providers that are already integrated with ConnectPOS are PayPal, Tyro, Payment Express, etc. 

Nevertheless, Loyverse POS only supports connecting to WooCommerce Store, and you have to pay $9 per month to subscribe to the integration plan. Payment gateways are also less supported than ConnectPOS and some are limited by geographical area.


Above is some outstanding comparison information between ConnectPOS and Loyverse POS. Both have specific advantages to different types of businesses, but ConnectPOS will be better for retailers looking to scale up their business model.

Try now for 14-days free trials to verify our highlighted features above. Contact us for more consultation to support the pos system

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