POS Review: ConnectPOS vs Moka POS

In the mission to create an omnichannel shopping experience for customers, using the right POS system for your retail business model will be the key to success. Probably the retail business is now no stranger to two famous POS systems developed in Southeast Asia, which are Moka POS and ConnectPOS

What is the difference between these two POS systems? The answer will be in this article. 


Both of these POS Systems are cloud-based systems that sync data automatically between POS systems to the cloud database. However, the target audience is quite different. 

Moka POS mainly serves the retailers in F&B business like coffee shops, restaurants, etc. The main priority of these businesses is creating a seamless customer experience when booking with their management system. 

ConnectPOS is primarily focused on creating a seamless customer shopping experience both online and in-store for retailers in any industry, not only in the F&B business. 


In this comparison, both POS systems are compatible with all PC (Windows & macOS) and mobile (iOS & Android) devices. 

Nevertheless, ConnectPOS has one thing to take advantage of which is Customer Screen, a feature that helps create a seamless experience since customers can interact with the POS system by the second screen. 

Surely customers will be more satisfied when they shop in your store with ConnectPOS is better than other POS systems.

Pricing Plan 


Only need to start to pay once annually with $39 per month, retailers can access various outstanding features in the POS system such as: 

  • Real-Time Synchronization
  • Multiple Payments Method Support 
  • Instantly Stock Update
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Also, there are different pricing plans to serve businesses of all sizes. 

Moka POS

Moka POS is the Indonesia POS system thereby, the currency is in Rupiah Indonesia (IDR). They have only one plan for retailers to select and it’s cost 299K IDR monthly, nearly $21 per month with several basic features included: 

  • Sale Dashboard & Report 
  • Stock Management 
  • Employee Management 

To add on more premium features, you have to pay around 249K IDR (~18 USD) depending on what features you want to add. 

You can find more information about Moka’s Pricing here.  

Moka POS seems cheaper than ConnectPOS in the pricing plan but in the long-term, ConnectPOS will be the most stable POS system with the pricing plan.


Customer Relation Management


Not only Loyalty Programs which have been already integrated but also ConnectPOS using an AI Solution – Facial Recognition to help retailers identify shoppers in their shop. 

This AI Solution can recognize multiple faces in a crowded public and also link existing customers into history shopping in their online account. 

Beyond that, Facial Recognition can identify potential customers who visit your store a few times but have shopped yet and new customers. 

Not only the Facial Recognition features but ConnectPOS also integrated countless popular loyalty programs to build a strong customer loyalty relationship for retailers, some of that is: 

  • LoyaltyLion 
  • SLoyalty 
  • Aheadworks
  • Amasty 

Moka POS

To build customer relationships, this POS system offers CRM Pro Features to increase customers’ shopping experience by earning points. 

The CRM Pro features will allow retailers to: 

  • Convert new customers to loyal customers 
  • Tracks customers data
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To achieve better customer services and experience in in-house stores, ConnectPOS has a bit of power. Whenever your employee recognizes patrons faster, the better customer service will produce and the more satisfied customers will get. 

POS Hardware


Not only allows retailers to connect with these hardware devices such as tablets, printers, cash drawers, barcode scanners, ConnectPOS also provides a solution that saves money for buying those hardware physical devices above – the Customer Screen feature. 

The Customer Screen feature is the first wireless monitor for POS systems. With this feature, retailers can increase transparency and enhance customer experience with an interactive touchpoint experience. 

Furthermore, it is built as a web-based application, thereby, retailers can save an expense for buying hardware devices in your store. 

Moka POS

Like these other popular POS system, Moka POS also allow retailers connect with hardware devices such as:

  • Android/ iPad Tablet 
  • Printer and Barcode Scanner 

Additionally, retailers will have to manually input and manage Inventory, Customer Data, and Employee Access in Backoffice to run the system more efficiently and smoothly.

In this area, ConnectPOS takes advances in the automation section to reduce the manual workload for retailers. 

Payment Solution Providers


For those retailers who want to scale up business and make a seamless omnichannel shopping experience for their customers, ConnectPOS have integrated various international payment solution providers for example: 

  • PayPal 
  • Global Payment 
  • Payment Express 
  • Stripe 

The more payment solution providers that are integrated into your POS system, the more convenient and fast the checkout process

Moka POS

This POS system offers a significant payment solution for their system – the EWallet. In this eWallet have been linked with almost popular Indonesia Wallet Internet Banking, such as: 

  • Go Pay 
  • Ovo 
  • Dana 
  • Linkaja
  • Akulaku 
  • Redivo 
  • WeChat Pay
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In terms of payment support solutions, ConnectPOS has beat the large range of international payment solutions, making the checkout process easier for customers.


ConnectPOS are integrated with many popular eCommerce platforms nowadays, some of them can be mentioned as: 

  • Magento 
  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce 
  • WooCommerce 

No matter what platform you are using now, with ConnectPOS, you can easily integrate into it with a lot of features that support your omnichannel business.

OpPOSite to that integration, Moka POS is not supported to any of those e-Commerce platforms above. But there is support for social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Shopping. 

Moreover, they have created GoStore – an online storefront that enables merchants to create their online store and connects to social media to reach millions of customers. 

Final Thought

For those retailers who want to scale up omnichannel business internationally, ConnectPOS will be the best solution for you. We’re offering 14-days free trials to prove our words to you. 

Contact us for more consultation to support the POS system.

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