POS Review: ConnectPOS and Netsuite POS

ConnectPOS and Netsuite POS are the two popular POS systems for retailers to create a seamless shopping experience. 

Both of them have their pros and cons, but for scale-up business, what is the best solution to choose? 

To help you decide, we will give you a detailed comparison between these two POS systems in the following article.



Being a leading cloud-based POS system, ConnectPOS targets businesses of all sizes that are looking for a seamless omnichannel shopping experience. 

Not only is there a specific focus in F&B industries like other POS systems nowadays but also, ConnectPOS has a wide range of retailer customers such as fashion, toys, gifts, nutrition, etc. 

ConnectPOS offers an assortment of dominant features to create a seamless customer shopping experience, thereby, they have been trusted by thousands of retailers around the world. 

Netsuite POS

Netsuite POS, or SuiteCommerce InStore, is a mobile POS system by SuiteCommerce. It is not just a POS system but a retail management system, including CRM, eCommerce, or marketing automation. 

Their POS system aims to transform your store with a single commerce platform, boost sales, and engage customers in a personal and seamless shopping experience. Their outstanding features include mobility, omnichannel servicing, and digital selling.


compatibility netsuite - NetSuite POS and ConnectPOS

Netsuite POS is designed for mobility, which means they mainly focus on support on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, iPad and especially runs as an Apple iOS app. 

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Designed for mobility, Netsuite POS has a touch tablet UI screen that supports digital selling for staff to serve customers anywhere in their brick-and-mortar store. 

The deficiency of this POS system which does not run smoothly on PC devices causes a little bit of inconvenience when you scale up business and have to manage everything professionally on PC.

compatibility cpos - NetSuite POS and ConnectPOS

On the other hand, ConnectPOS will not let these problems happen in their POS system. Whether you own a PC, tablet, or any smart device, ConnectPOS is available for you because it can run on a wide variety of devices and operating systems. 

Moreover, ConnectPOS offers the top-notch PWA Consumer App that supports self-service activities, such as exploring items in-store by scanning the barcode or doing self-checkout during rush hours when it comes to integrated technology. 

In addition, ConnectPOS also provides an interactive second screen at the checkout counter for customers to view and enter the needed information.

Pricing Plan

ConnectPOS offers a wide range of pricing plans to fit any kind of your business and allows you to pay monthly or annually.  If you choose to pay monthly, it will start with $49 and it is $39 per month for paid annually. 

The POS system also offers retailers a lot of highlighted features, included: 

  • Real-Time Synchronization
  • Multiple Payments Method Support 
  • AI Facial Recognition
  • Instantly Stock Update

Furthermore, it always has a 14-days free trial that helps new retailers experience the best service of the POS system. 

ConnectPOS and Netsuite POS have different approaches to their pricing plans. While ConnectPOS offers several predefined pricing plans, Netsuite POS leaves the door open for customization. 


Point-of-Sale Transactions


ConnectPOS offers customers a simple 3-step checkout process: 

  • Add to cart
  • Choose payment methods
  • Complete
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There is also an option to custom sales, calculate taxes and customize receipt templates for different purposes. For online shoppers, ConnectPOS also allows users to create wish lists. 

Netsuite POS

Similar to ConnectPOS, Netsuite POS has full features for processing transactions (cash and carry, exchange, or returns). Merchants can present upsells and cross-sell based on location and ‘bought also bought’ patterns.

Omnichannel Features


This POS system has excellent click-and-collect features that allow customers to buy online and pick up in-store. In this way, the shopping experience is consistent from online to in-house store. 

With the PWA Consumer App, customers can scan the QR/barcodes to access product information on their phones and even make payments. 

In the backend, real-time synchronization helps store owners to stay updated steadily about the inventory level between their POS systems and stores. Even when selling across different platforms, the stockout situations can be avoided as much as possible.

Netsuite POS

NetSuite POS also maintains a continuous buying experience but in a slightly different way. 

Customers can view the products that have been added to their online shopping carts/wishlists and include them in the in-store transactions. Similar to ConnectPOS, Netsuite offers real-time visibility into the inventory level.


ECommerce Platform


It is available in several major eCommerce platforms, including: 

  • Magento
  • BigCommerce
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce. 

Some POS systems nowadays are not working properly when retailers migrate eCommerce platforms such as Shopify to Magento or some designed specifically for only one platform. 

With this flexibility of using and managing the various platforms above, ConnectPOS will be the most appropriate solution for retailers in any eCommerce platform. 

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With this flexibility of using and managing the various platforms above, ConnectPOS will be the most appropriate solution for retailers in any eCommerce platform. 

Netsuite POS

The same as ConnectPOS, Netsuite POS is a whole retail management system, which means whenever eCommerce platforms that you are working on, it is simply an iOS app that can be downloaded to mobile devices. 

However, if retailers are using Android devices or PC, it seems they can not work well on that platform.

Payment Integration


This POS system is compatible with numerous secure and powerful payment solution providers, involved:

  • PayPal 
  • Payment Express
  • Authorize.Net 
  • Tyro 
  • Stripe 

ConnectPOS also supports various payment methods, including 

  • Cash
  • Credit cards/debit cards 
  • Split tenders 

Netsuite POS 

Meanwhile, NetSuite POS also integrates with several payment gateways but not as much as ConnectPOS, namely Stripe and PayPal.

In general, ConnectPOS has many advantages to make customers more satisfied when making purchase payments through various payment methods. 

The more method, the more customer feel convenient when purchasing in your store.  

Wrapping Up

All in all, ConnectPOS and Netsuite POS are relatively equal considering their point of sale features. 

We would recommend ConnectPOS for businesses looking for a highly specialized solution for point of sale, and NetSuite POS for those who have a little more budget and aim for a whole retail management system. 

Needless to say, it is your own business needs that matter, in the end, so choose wisely!

This is great news to end this article: ConnectPOS offers point-of-sale solutions for NetSuite users as integration for an ERP system. 

If you are interested, don’t hesitate to talk to us for more information!

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