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How To Purchase Contactless Payment On Phone In-Store?

Consumers are quickly getting used to contactless payment on phone as a convenient way to make regular purchases. To finalize the payment, buyers only need to swipe a card or smart device at the point of sale. And best of all, retailers themselves also love this payment method.

Why store loves contactless payment on phone?

Merchants can see that better operational efficiency is easier to achieve with tap-to-pay technology. It is not hard to implement and requires fewer workers. Businesses save time by not having to operate card machines or count cash with contactless payments.

Moreover, according to studies, businesses that accept contactless payments provide customers with a smoother and faster checkout experience, winning their loyalty. Stores can also increase consumer interactions by optimizing their loyalty programs. And contactless payment technology is secure to deter any hacking efforts. Better transaction security implies that businesses may receive their funds without having to deal with any issues, while most issuing banks secure contactless payments against fraud.

The process of contactless payment on phone

Contactless payment is one in which a device (a smartphone) and a payment terminal do not make physical touch. To put it another way, users can pay by simply holding up their mobile devices. To make a contactless payment, you simply hold your cell phone up to a reader.

The NFC (near field communication) technology is activated when a contactless payment is initiated (when a customer holds or touches a mobile device to the payment terminal). The NFC-enabled reader and the smartphone communicate encrypted information back and forth to complete the payment using the frequency we discussed. 

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Every contactless payment on phone happens in a matter of seconds. One of the most appealing aspects of NFC payments is their speed. It takes a fraction of the time to use a magstripe or a chip card, and it’s also light years ahead of cash.

What should the store prepare for contactless payment?

eCommerce app 

To fully realize the potential of connected customers, organizations must provide continuous and consistent mobile eCommerce engagement. Not only can a mobile commerce app keep customers linked to the business, but it can also be utilized to successfully send promotions, offers, and coupons to customers.

That’s why ConnectPOS is a preferable choice for many retailers as it provides PWA Consumer App to create their own seamless shopping app.

Device compatibility 

The shop owners need to check out the radio-frequency identification (RFID) or near field communication to the store’s devices. Connection to Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Fitbit Pay, or any bank mobile application is necessary.

Omnichannel system 

Essentially, shopkeepers would need the technology that catches all of the order information, including all of the customer’s information, and saves it so that it can be moved to another channel quickly and precisely. 

They also have to think about the situation that customers start purchasing the item online, but then change their minds and come to your store to pick it up and pay for it. Then, supporting omnichannel payments is the best option. It entails retrieving an online order in-store and allowing customers to pay there easily.


Retailers prefer contactless payment on phone because this quick and easy method can bring multiple benefits. So, to know more about this payment approach, call us now to receive many more useful solutions.

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