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6 Tips To Build An Engaging Magento Storefront

If you have already owned a Magento store, you might come up with questions about how to create an engaging Magento storefront? Since a well-arranged storefront can make significant contributions to optimize your Magento businesses. In this article, we would like to introduce you to some helpful tips to create an effective Magento storefront.

Choose a suitable theme

Unlike casual blogs, navigation is an important factor making huge contributions to create an engaging Magento online store. And based on certain requirements and businesses issues, retailers should consider choosing the best theme to optimize their sales process. For example responsive themes for low-end devices, compatible themes with popular browsers, or themes with premade layouts for specific purposes. 

Free themes
Magento offers several free themes

Leverage your content

Retailers should also consider creating useful material, such as informative blog posts and guides, about the items in stores. Besides, those contents should be displayed on the Magento storefront, alongside product pages — or even in search results. With informative content, retailers will gain more chances to attract potential customers and drive them to make purchases.

Create targeted advertising campaigns for each customer group

Targeted advertisements is a direct channel to interact with customers and raise brand awareness. Further than that, retailers can make use of in-depth market insight to send customers certain categories of items they are interested in. 

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In order to gain instant customer insight, retailers can take advantage of some Magento extensions namely Magento analytics, sales report, customer transaction history, behavior patterns,wishlists, etc.

Special offers and products
Showcase special offers on storefronts

Optimize product detail and category page

Retailers should offer customers an user-friendly interface that allows them to easily get every expected information about products. Besides, customers also look for some other tools to engage with many products simultaneously, instead of opening up new browsers.

Display special products on the landing page

Customers usually arrive at the landing page in advance of starting their shopping journey. Hence, it is a potential place for retailers to attract potential customers, or perhaps, upsell and cross sell products.

Store owners can consider displaying trendy products or special offers such as free shipping, discount programs, reward programs, etc. Those offers should be highlighted by eye-catching designs and being placed at central locations.

Compatible Magento storefront with mobile devices.

According to recent research pointing out that in 2019, 84% of the growth in eCommerce over holiday seasons originated from purchases on mobile devices. And that trend is expected to keep growing in the future. Yet, there are many online retailers struggling to transform their sales process online. In the same way loads of digital storefronts are yet optimized due to the lack of compatible storefronts with mobile devices. 

Compatible with mobile devices
Compatible with mobile devices

Bottom line, 

Although there are an array of information Magento retailers can add to their storefront, it is important to keep in mind that they may slow down the web load.  Make sure to thoroughly consider before making any changes in your storefront.

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While elevating your storefront, don’t forget to strengthen your brick-and-mortar stores. It’s important to find a Magento POS system that can power up both your online store and retail locations.

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