Receive feedback in location

How To Encourage Customer Feedback In Location

The idea of getting customer feedback at your location

Proper data and analysis provide us valuable information related to customers. Customer feedback can be considered as one of those helpful information for businesses. 

Every business needs customer feedback because it helps them to analyze what improvements they need to do for their customers. In general, Customer feedback refers to product evaluations from customers perspective. 

There are several ways through which customers can provide feedback. In this article, we are going to provide you some popular methods through which you will be able to gain feedback easily from customers in your physical locations.

Ways to get customer feedback

How to encourage customer feedback?

Make paper feedback cards 

Once customers visit the store physically and during the time they are doing their shopping, in-store staff can provide them some papers as feedback cards. Subsequently, customers can fill up their cards and hand them back to the staff in the checkout stage.

Or you can give  paper feedback cards and ask them to fill in while waiting to purchase their items. So that, there would be more chances for the stores to receive customer feedback instantly.

Feedback kiosk 

This is another way that retail businesses can use to obtain valuable feedback from customers. It provides you information regarding overall customers’ experience and their satisfaction level details. 

Scan QR pay to get feedback 

A QR code is one type of survey which helps business owners to gather information about their experience related to your product or services. The benefits of QR codes is that customers don’t need to follow many steps to provide feedback such as registration or signing in. When the scan comes across the QR codes, customers will automatically get an available template. 

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This method is not only easier for customers but also greatly encourages them to voice their opinions.

Get feedback right at your counter

Response to customer feedback 

When customers leave some feedback, it is essential that retailers respond to them. This method not only aims at creating strong relationships with customers but also showing how businesses value customer feedback. In the long-term, this method may encourage more valuable feedback.

Use the discount to encourage feedback 

Most of the customers prefer such items which offer attractive discounts. Businesses can use this phenomenon to produce proper strategy. When customers are asked for leaving feedback, simultaneously they receive interesting discounts. This method encourages customers to produce feedback instantly and in return, they will receive their privilege instantly. 

To Sum Up,

It is necessary that retailers implement different attractive ways to ask customers for feedback. Since it helps to improve the company’s service or product quality and as a result, boost sales revenue. Above are some possible methods that every retailer can use to obtain valuable customer feedback. If you have any other suggestions, please feel free to share them with us in the comments section.

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