How Digital Marketing Attract Footfall To your brick and mortar store

How Digital Marketing Attracts Footfall To Your Brick-And-Martar Store

As the world is shifting towards eCommerce and digital marketing, local stores are gradually being left behind. However, retailers should keep in mind that brick-and-mortar stores are the root of business ever since the Industrial Revolution. There are tons of benefits customers can expect when being in-store, such as personalization attention, hands-on experience, and high credibility. In this article today, we would discuss how to utilize digital marketing ideas to increase footfall so that in-store shopping can bring businesses with as many benefits as eCommerce.

Buy Online Pickup In-Store (BOPIS) 

Customers don’t want to pay for shipping as it adds up the value of their cart. Therefore, giving them the option to pick up in-store is a great marketing idea to increase footfall as it alleviates that tension, and helps your store compete with other eCommerce shops that don’t have a physical location. 

Generally, it is always better to offer your customers multiple choices of how to pick up their purchased goods. In case a customer is not pleased with the product after seeing it in person, they will be able to return it right away. Under normal circumstances where the products are shipped to their houses, customers will figure out they don’t like the products only after trying them out. When they go to you to return it, your store inventory will not be beneficial from this act as products are somewhat worn out once it is opened by your customers. 

BOPIS as marketing ideas to increase footfall

There is another advantage of allowing customers to buy online and pickup in-store: they might decide to add more to their ‘cart’ when they get there and talk to your salesperson. Impulse buys are less frequent online. However, when a customer has the chance to touch, feel, and see the items, they will be more likely to consider buying it. 

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It is highly recommended that retailers offer incentives to boost BOPIS. A typical example is to offer customers percentage discounts when they pick up in-store. Customers will appreciate the savings and create a connection with your brand, which might lead to repeat purchases. In general, this is among the great marketing ideas to increase footfall in your physical stores.

Offer In-Store Redeemable Promotion 

Customers love promotion. It is suggested that if a promotion is included, products can be sold 73% more in quantity. When rewarding an in-store redeemable promotion, shoppers will most likely come and check out what products or services you offer. Then, after talking to your salesperson and experiencing the items on the spot, there is a high chance that customers will purchase in-store. 

promotion in digital marketing

To encourage the customers to get to your physical store, your promotion should use urgency and the fear of missing out (FOMO) by implementing expiration dates. These psychological techniques rely on the fact that we were born to act immediately in urgent situations and have a serious aversion to losing out. Once getting your buyers in-store, it is easier to convince them how wonderful your products are after showing them and having them try them out. 

Optimize Near-me Searches 

According to Google API, the number of users who search ‘where to buy’ + ‘near me’ mobile queries have grown by over 200% over the past two years. Moreover, more than 50% of the ‘near me’ searches result in a physical store visit. Therefore, near-me search optimization is a great marketing idea to increase footfall for your physical location. 

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Google or other search engines structure their ranking factors according to user search intent. When it comes to localization, shoppers are looking for local businesses they can trust to give them the products or services they need at that moment. Hence, listing your business information accurately and consistently across important directories is the first thing to do on the list. These are the basic factors to include when listing your business for near-me search optimization: 

  • Enter an accurate business name and address across all platforms listed (Google, Bing, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook, etc)
  • Add opening hours and contact detailer including website and phone number
  • Be as detailed as possible about your business and what products/services it offers
  • Add photos to help shoppers better understand your store
  • Make sure every information above is consistent across the directories listed
near me searches as marketing ideas to increase footfall

Doing this will make sure your business location is showing up on the most important map apps and review sites, which earn credibility to your store when the search engine crawlers browse through your website. 

Another important factor in near-me search optimization is reviews on the directories listing. Retailers should encourage customers to leave comments by either telling them in person, emailing, or encouraging them on social media. Replying to reviews, both positive and negative, is crucial as well. This act will create a sense of community and boost customer engagement with your brand. 

Furthermore, customers who receive replies to negative reviews would change their perspective to be more positive as it shows your brand is trying to improve and take their opinions seriously. Hence, deleting bad reviews is a must not because it means your store is covering something behind the customers’ back and refuses to fix the mistakes. 

Wrapping Up

In this article, we have analyzed in detail marketing ideas to increase footfall in-store that retailers should seriously consider. Despite the prevalence of eCommerce, physical locations still lie at the core of businesses, which retailers should not ignore. Utilizing the digital marketing resources available, merchants can boost the presence of their online and physical stores at the same time, bringing more profits to their organizations. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions! 

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