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4 Tips To Enhance Magento 2 POS Systems

More and more retailers have chosen Magento platforms and successfully adopted POS systems into their businesses. With POS systems, retailers enable their customers to buy products and services as well as making purchases from their stores. However, it is not just about adopting a new innovation, retailers should also enhance Magento 2 POS systems to upgrade their business process. 

If you are running a Magento eCommerce business, this article will help you make the most profit from your stores.

Find a Suitable Magento 2 POS for your business.

When it comes to eCommerce, a robust POS system always plays a crucial role in running online stores. Magento provides its retailers with an array of powerful POS extensions to support their businesses. One of the leading POS systems that are popularly used by Magento 2 stores is ConnectPOS. A solution from ConnectRetail 

ConnectPOS allows for real-time inventory and point-of-sale device synchronization. This solution is compatible with both mobile devices and PC. 

ConnectPOS by ConnectRetail

Some of ConnectPOS highlight features could be:

Give the proper training to hired staff

When adopting a POS system, it is necessary that your staff have learned how to use POS t beforehand. Since there are various different types of POS systems on the market and each solution will have its own characteristics. Hence, in order to optimize POS functionality, your staff should be provided with guidance or training sessions.

Optimize the product that has different pricing and variants

Retailers tend to provide products with different configurations such as color or sizes . It is essential to make the options as well as price changes clear when displaying these items to online customers.

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Retailers can display  different prices for products with configurable options along with upcharge amount, for example additional cost. Besides, retailers can choose to provide their customer with the actual price for each configuration. The benefit of showcasing the actual prices is that when customers visit the online stores, the price will match with the products they saw.

Online stores should bear in mind that, whenever you make any changes in the pricing displays, make sure that you will test the results afterward. 

Magento configuration
Magento configuration

Update the system regularly

Another way to enhance Magento 2 POS systems is by updating it. Regularly updating systems and processes is a must since the business industry is constantly changing. If you keep operating with an outdated and inefficient system, you may face various problems such as a lack of order data or customer information.

On the other hand, system updates provide retailers with loads of benefits. For example, retailers can timely identify security holes and fix them to prevent further damage. Additionally, updating systems also enable retailers to add new features to their system and simultaneously discard outdated ones.

Thanks to the development of technology, retailers nowadays can easily update their systems in just a flash instead of manually working on it. 

Bottom line,

A robust POS system can make a significant contribution to your Magento 2 stores in terms of customer satisfaction as well as business performance profitability. Furthermore, by enhancing Magento 2 POS system, retailers are able to update their online stores and improve customer services.

If you are looking for a robust Magento 2 POS system to thrive in this competitive retail industry, don’t hesitate to try our global standard solution – ConnectPOS!

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