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At ConnectPOS, our passion is to contribute to transforming the future retail, not only in our country but all over the world. With a belief that technology is leading the future of retail, ConnectPOS never stops in applying cutting-edge technology (PWA, Remote Procedure Call, AI, Facial Recognition,…) to create an optimized retail environment that benefits both sellers and buyers. Our latest features: ConnectPOS PWA Consumer App and ConnectPOS wireless Customer Screen are among innovations that help to realize ConnectPOS vision of future retail.

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ConnectPOS at Magento Imagine 2019

ConnectPOS PWA Consumer App is selected by Magento as a winner of Innovations lab – an award hosted by Magento for innovations with excellent ingenuity and creativity. With PWA Consumer App, your customers can have a seamless shopping experience in their mobile devices. It all starts with scanning a QR code in offline stores. Customers will then be able to surf all products in an app-like interface with no requirement to install any specific app. ConnectPOS PWA Consumer App allows in-store customers to scan barcode for product information, order out-of-stock items, receive personalized recommendations, easily do self-checkout, and then choose either the option of delivery or in-store pickup. All in all, we believe that ConnectPOS PWA will be a not-to-miss technological solution for all retailers of all sizes whoever want to be innovative and customer-centric. Read more and watch PWA Consumer App action video here:


Another amazing feature we have just released is ConnectPOS Customer Screen – the world’s first wireless customer monitor for Magento POS. 20 years ago, retailers need a customer screen for transparency to show items prices. 10 years ago, retailers need a customer screen for advertisement. However, current customer screens are often heavy or requires too many connecting wires. Especially, it costs retailers a lot to buy specific hardware and scale up. That is the reason why today retailers need a new, easier, and cheaper version of Customer Screen. ConnectPOS Customer Screen can  become an important touchpoint to demonstrate advertisement, communicate with customers, collect customer info and trigger the right buying moment with AI recommendation. Most importantly, it is 100% wireless and is the world’s first of its kind. Read more and see how this technology by ConnectPOS can help modern retailers to break and outperform traditional stereotype:

ConnectPOS wireless customer screen

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