How Commercetools Point of Sale Supports Retailers

How Commercetools Point of Sale Supports Retailers?

commercetools is a leader in next-generation commerce platforms for businesses of medium and large sizes. As a headless commerce platform, it enables retailers to create seamless shopping experiences across all digital touchpoints. Having your commercetools store integrated with a POS (Point of Sale) system can benefit your business in many ways.

In this blog, we will discover how commercetools Point of Sale systems can greatly enhance your business performance in the long run.

About commercetools


Founded in 2006, commercetools offers a true cloud commerce solution, providing the building blocks for the new digital commerce age. The platform helps reduce the development time and resources needed to meet new customer demands. Thanks to its agile and componentized nature, businesses will be able to improve their profitability. The flexible solution also allows retailers to easily connect to backend systems and add up integrations such as POS systems right away.

More and more retailers have adopted POS systems as a quick and secure solution to leverage their businesses. Below are some of the benefits that retailers can expect from the commercetools POS software.

Benefits of having a commercetools POS system

Omnichannel experience


A POS solution can bridge the online and offline service gap that many retailers are struggling with. What customers want is a seamless and consistent omnichannel experience that allows them to have both the convenience of online and in-store shopping.

An effective POS system can combine all aspects of a business such as orders, customer database, inventory to assist both shoppers and sales staff. Therefore, customers will be able to check if an item is available online or in-store, and plan their purchases accordingly. Your staff can also get accurate information about a product across multiple warehouses and stores in real-time. 

Inventory management

It is essential to have control of your stock no matter what you are selling. Your items are your revenue and what attracts customers to your store. Bad inventory management will hamper your business due to a lack of organization and visibility. A POS system is exactly what you need to solve this dilemma.

A commercetools POS system can sort out your stock with product categories, tags, and SKU IDs while no manual work is needed. When a customer wants a specific item, you can search it right on the system to see if it’s in stock or not, preparing you for any unexpected situation in real-time.

Inventory management

Staff empowerment

Most modern POS systems, especially commercetools POS, are mobile-friendly with a dedicated app or responsive design, letting your staff help customers on the sales floor with a handy tablet. As a result, this gives them access to all the information needed to better serve their customers. 

For example, the employee can view orders from both online and offline stores right on the dashboard of the POS software. Also, they can keep track of a customer’s purchase history to make recommendations and offer personalized consultation. Not only does this feature boost confidence for new store staff but it also improves the overall shopping experience.

staff empowerment

Another great feature of POS systems is that it allows store staff to view and manage their working shifts. Time clocks are strictly regulated and secured with staff management in POS. Each employee is provided with a PIN that enables entering before every shift. They can also monitor total working hours by logging into their profile. 

Business data and reports

business data and reports

With a commercetools POS system, you have an opportunity to gain insights into how well your store is doing. Knowing how much money you made last week is great, but to build long-term success, you will need more than just that. Which item is selling fast? Which is not selling at all? Why were last week’s sales better than the previous one?

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To answer these kinds of questions, you would need to have quite a background in business data analysis. However, don’t worry about that since a POS system can effectively give you comprehensive reports of how your business has been performing.

Cloud commerce

Cloud commerce

Being a cloud platform, commercetools allows its users to freely develop their functionalities without worrying about maintenance and upgrading. Most POS systems nowadays are cloud-based ones, which means that retailers can easily run both their online and offline stores through the Internet. Cloud-based POS systems process all payment transactions and updates in real-time as your transactions and sales history are safely stored in the cloud.

Rather than being fixed onto a countertop setup, cloud POS software can run on any device, including tablets and smartphones. Furthermore, brick-and-mortar stores stand a great chance of leveraging their business with a POS system as it makes the checkout counter more modern and speeds up lines.

To summarize

A good commercetools Point of Sale system will help you run your store more efficiently, make wiser business decisions, and discover unlimited possibilities. We hope that this blog will become a perfect ally for you to accomplish great achievements.

Our commercetools POS system by ConnectPOS is among the greatest POS solutions for aspiring retail businesses. With various advanced features to support your development, you are sure to experience world-class services. Feel free to contact us for more information!

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