How Consumer App Supports Your POS Performance?

Smartphones nowadays have become an essential tool for our daily activities. In fact, 94% of people aged 18 to 29 own a smartphone. This is a very potential group of consumers, so businesses are finding ways to make the most use of this device to support their service. A consumer app is thus invented and brings a lot of benefits to its users. In this article, we will go through 4 ways how POS Consumer App can support retailers to grow their stores.

What is a POS Consumer App?

A POS consumer app is a type of application that can be installed into a smart mobile device, As stated in its name, this app is designed for consumers and facilitates their shopping experiences, from browsing to paying. As a result, POS consumer apps can strengthen the relationship between merchants and their clients, leading to more sales.

the app

How can POS Consumer App support retail performance?

There are many creative ways to make use of a POS Consumer App, although it depends on the developers. However, here are the most 4 common ways:

Create an omnichannel experience

We are living in a digitized world, where our daily activities are increasingly integrated with technology. Shopping is not an exception, as consumers’ shopping experiences nowadays happen across offline and online channels. Here is an interesting fact: 59% of consumers actually researched online before making a purchase to make the best possible choice. 

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A POS Consumer App can help you create a seamless omnichannel shopping experience. It can be integrated with QR/ barcode scanning functions. In this way, in-store customers can access the full description of each product, its variants, or expiration dates, just by scanning the code with their smartphones. This type of digital integration is one small example, but enough to prove the power of a consumer app in the retail industry.

pos consumer app
POS Consumer Apps can be integrated with QR/ barcode scanning functions

Support self-checkout

Long is the time when customers have to wait in a queue to checkout. A POS Consumer App can allow customers to self-checkout, thus saving time and labor costs. 

For example, customers can easily make a payment on their smartphones and receive a barcode. This code is then scanned by the cashier. And done – checkout is completed within just a few seconds. Speedy checkout, boost sales, increase customer satisfaction, etc., you name it all!

long queue
POS Consumer Apps can prevent this from happening

Order out-of-stock items

There will be a time when you are facing a stockout, but your customers really need to buy that item. You really do not want to lose that customer to your competitors. In this case, a POS Consumer App can prevent this scenario from happening. Many developers have created an app that enables clients to order out-of-stock items by choosing delivery or pick them up later in store. In this way, merchants can retain their customers and develop better loyalty.

Get personalized suggestions

Research has shown that 40% of customers have a greater tendency to spend more than planned when they recognize the highly personalized shopping experience. A POS Consumer App can serve as a ‘friend’ of customers who can understand them and give advice. The personalized recommendations can be done based on their purchase history or wishlist. This function of a Consumer App has become one of the top reasons why retailers are using a mobile app that can support their selling activities. 

pos consumer app - personalization
Personalization based on purchase history and wishlist

Our story

We hope that the above-mentioned benefits of a POS Consumer App can help our readers understand the power of this technology. Being a leading POS provider, ConnectPOS also develops PWA Consumer App with all of the above functions. Take an opportunity to start your success with us today – you can have a free trial or contact us for more information! 

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