How restaurants can cope with COVID-19 impacts

How Restaurants Cope With The COVID-19 Impacts?

Restaurants in the world are slowly reopening after the shutdowns. Hence, they are looking for ways to cope with the COVID-19 impacts while serving their customers safely. One of the best ways to do this is through the introduction of contactless technology. In this article today, we would like to discuss several actions that contactless restaurants can take to protect their customers while doing business and earning profits. 

Optimize Your Takeout Or Delivery Solutions

Delivery has been an important part of the restaurant operation because of its convenience. During the pandemic, it becomes significantly necessary as it is the only option one can have if they want food from outside. Therefore, the takeout rate soared significantly during 2020 due to social distancing. In the U.S, it is suggested that 41.7% more customers are likely to purchase takeout food compared to normal circumstances. 

contactless restaurant optimize take out and delivery option

Because of the high demand for takeout, contactless restaurants should take action to optimize their takeout and delivery solutions. Ordering through phones or messages might be overwhelming as many customers can dial in at the same time. There would be a high chance that restaurants might miss out on their customers, which directly affects their services. To avoid this, order apps, like Yelp, should be utilized. 

Most of the order apps are free for users to download, install, and sign up. Then, restaurant owners can claim their businesses by updating locations, photos, menu, and contact information. Once it’s all set, the app will enable restaurants to take and keep track of the orders. 

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Additionally, there are several hygienic methods contactless restaurants should use to further enhance the safety of delivery and takeout services:

  • Encourage all payments to be hands-free and interactions to be minimal when delivering
  • Consider drop-off deliveries
  • Increase frequency of bag cleaning and disinfecting high-touch surfaces 
  • For pickups, limit the number of people inside your restaurant at the same time to maintain social distancing

Assures Strict Restaurant Safety And Sanitation Measures

With the pandemic going on, safety becomes paramount when choosing where and what to eat. In fact, search interest for ‘is food deliver safe’ has increased 650% across the U.S since the beginning of March 2020. Businesses must show customers that you are aware of their safety concerns and are taking major steps to address the current situation. 

This method includes sharing updates on new precautionary measures through social media or any established communication channels such as emails, or messages. A nice message states that your restaurant just established a dedicated team to focus on food safety would set you apart from your competitors. Another example can be applying the CDC guidelines cleaning procedures, increasing the frequency of hand-washing among staff, and disinfecting surfaces in your stores daily. 

sanitation in the contactless restaurant

In this unprecedented time, the last thing people want to worry about is their meal options. By reducing these concerns through good communications, your contactless restaurants are providing the assistance that customers will remember and appreciate. 

Implement Contactless Payment

Contactless payments have been around for a while. In 2016 alone, the contactless payment in the U.S brought approximately $29 billion in revenue to the government. Before coming into restaurants, guests can download payment apps, such as ApplePay, Alipay, or Google Wallet, then simply tap that app to a card reader using near field communications (NFC) to transfer payment information. 

contactless restaurant with contactless payment

This eliminated the exchange of cards between consumers and employees as well as the need for the consumer to touch the card reader at a contactless restaurant. 

Have Curbside Pickup Option 

Curbside pickup is a service that allows customers to collect their order from a convenient location, rather than having the item shipped directly to their home. The core of this model is as simple as its name – a pickup from the curb outside the restaurant. The way it works is similar to ‘buy online, pickup in-store’ (BOPIS). Customers place their order through the restaurant’s online website, app, or phone and confirm where and when they would like to pick it up. 

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They also have the option to pay online in advance, with their chosen payment method. Their order will be sent to the restaurant to prepare and be ready. Finally, the customers arrive to get their order. Restaurants may have staff on hand at the curbside to put it directly in the customers’ cars, or they can walk into the store to collect it themselves if they prefer. 

Prior to the pandemic, the curbside pickup was not popular as people either have food delivered to their doorstep or go out to eat. According to Payments Journal, only one out of four customers choose this method when it comes to delivery service. This act is suitable for people who are in a rush getting to work or having an emergency. When social distancing was not a thing, customers can grab food similar to this anywhere on their way, which is why curbside is not a preferable option back then. 

During the pandemic, this is among a few ways that customers can get their takeout order safely, which is why this model has surged 208% in 2020. It is highly recommended for contactless restaurants to follow this trend and offer curbside pickup for their customers. In the end, this method is cost-effective as it doesn’t require any large investment. 

Wrapping Up 

In this article today, we have discussed some of the methods contactless restaurants should take to cope with COVID-19 impacts while earning revenues and maintaining their businesses. We wish you the best of luck doing business in this confusing time. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions!

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