How Is ConnectPOS Different From Other Bigcommerce POS Systems?

ConnectPOS is an online point-of-sale system that helps to simplify order operations and improve the performance of retail stores. It works well with a number of omnichannel e-commerce and BigCommerce is one of them. But how is ConnectPOS BigCommerce POS different from other systems in the platform?

ConnectPOS main features

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ConnectPOS has some outstanding features such as click-and-collect, where the customers are given the chance of buying online and collecting in the stores. This point of sale provider partners with a number of payment gateways. On top of that, it is compatible with mobile and PC. 

ConnectPOS is also open to multiple customizations and supports split tenders. ConnectPOS applies cutting-edge technology like the PWA Consumer app and AI face recognition app. In addition to that, it lets customers earn and spend their reward points as they wish.

Case study of ConnectPOS BigCommerce POS

ConnectPOS is used and trusted by more than 200 Bigcommerce retail shop owners. ConnectPOS is aiming at giving the retail stores a better experience and it stands to be one of the best point-of-sale systems for BigCommerce. 

A case study of ConnectPOS in BigCommerce is with Global Vapors, a distributor and wholesaler in the US. ConnectPOS system has helped Global Vapors to speed up the order entry time up to 200% from manually entering BigCommerce orders, and many other benefits.

What makes ConnectPOS BigCommerce POS stands out?

Have real-time synchronization

ConnectPOS enables you to get 100% real-time synchronization between POS systems and inventories. All vital information, such as customers’ profiles, taxation and products will be automatically synced in real-time from your business inventory to the ConnectPOS BigCommerce POS.

Compatible with PC and mobile

ConnectPOS works well with both PC (mac OS and Windows) and mobile devices (Android and IOS). This ensures that you have a chance to choose what works for you.

ConnectPOS bigcommerce pos: pc and mobiles
ConnectPOS works well with PC and mobile devices

Integrate with top tiers payment gateways

ConnectPOS BigCommerce POS partners with some of the best and secure payment gateways, such as PayPal, Cardknox and iZettle. This provides you with a wide range of safe payment options.

Allow multi-location management

ConnectPOS makes it easy for retailers to manage a number of stores in different locations. You can easily change between stores when using the setting screen. Moreover, you can also allow merchants to choose multiple warehouses in one bill. 

Have offline mode

When you do not have an internet connection, there is no need to worry because ConnectPOS BigCommerce POS saves all your data when you are offline. Any agent can add and manage customers without the internet and the transactions will be saved locally. Therefore, your data will be auto-synced when you are back online.

Support discount rules 

In ConnectPOS, the discount is applicable both on selected items on the cart and the whole cart. Discounts can be applied based on percentages and a specific amount. The discount will be applied automatically when the conditions set are met.


With these desirable features, you can consider ConnectPOS BigCommerce POS as your point-of-sale system, in order to not only elevate your retail business but also give your customers a great omnichannel experience.

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ConnectPOS is a point-of-sale provider that operates on BigCommerce and many other e-commerce platforms. Contact us if you have any questions.

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