How Magento POS Supports Invoice Management At A Brick-and-Mortar Store?

For any type of business, managing cash flow has a direct impact on revenue and other business operations. Invoicing is at the heart of having a smooth-running cash flow management. At a brick-and-mortar store, it is highly important to have a fast and accurate invoicing process, as products or services are sold directly to customers. For this reason, this article will highlight 8 ways to handle successful Magento POS invoice management.

Automate billing process

With the advancement of technology, market rivalries are rising at a rapid rate. It is important to note that modern-generation technology breaks down barriers and makes our lives simpler. When it comes to invoice management, it is not the exception.

Invoicing software is a set of programs that perform complicated invoicing tasks, which come with a series of commands. This tool is often used in shopping centers, department stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, clothing stores, and hospitals. 

Automating the billing process can save time and ensure more accuracy for businesses. It should be noted that online invoicing or billing software can vary from the most basic to the most sophisticated.

Customize your invoice

Whenever a sale is made, small businesses must create correct sales invoices to send to their customers. To request payment for the products sold, business owners may create clear invoices that cover all of the specific information of the transaction. You should provide a concise summary of each item sold, the cost of each item, the total amount, and the payment due date on a professional invoice. Apart from the core elements, business owners may add customizable features depending on their needs and specific situations. 

magento pos invoice management

Ask customers to receive an invoice

The time and date of giving out an invoice considerably matters. Invoices tell customers how much they owe when payment is due and which payment methods are accepted by the seller. Invoices are thus released after the sale’s details have been finalized, and before the seller collects payment from the buyer

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Because it contains such important information, customers should be asked in the first place about whether or not they are willing to receive an invoice and able to pay on time. This will prevent the situation of chasing customers for payment later on or any other disagreement.

receive invoice

Save customer’s information for future purchases

The next Magento POS invoice management tip is – make sure to save customer profiles in your database, so you always have their contact details at hand in the future. In many cases, customers want to make a refund or exchange, and this is when retailers should bring up the transaction details to justify their claims. 

In other cases, customer contact information, such as email address, physical address, and phone number are stored to provide better service in the future. Research has shown that 77% of consumers preferred a brand with more personalized service or experience.

Therefore, customer data can be used to understand their behaviors and specific preferences. These valuable customer data will help you to offer personalized recommendations for their next purchases. 


Without a doubt, the invoicing process should be done efficiently to serve business needs. After all, for better Magento POS invoice management, businesses should consider the most suitable point-of-sale system to automate, customize invoices and save customer data. 

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