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How Shopify Supports O2O Retail Business

Online-to-offline eCommerce business (O2O) is a major factor to thrive during covid 19 pandemics. Since the covid pandemics hit our world, the retail market has experienced online shopping trends among customers. Many retail businesses, at the same time, move their store online with the help of eCommerce platforms such as Shopify. Yet, the brick-and-mortar business is still standing and growing. So, what retailers should do is to persuade their online shoppers to drop at your stores. This issue may sound challenging at first. But don’t worry, Shopify has some solutions for you. Let’s see how Shopify supports O2O retail stores.

Assign inventory to particular locations

It might be difficult to manage and closely monitor inventory as well as fulfillment across numerous storefronts and warehouse locations. Understanding this challenge,  Shopify has developed the Locations feature that facilitates multi-location management and O2O model.

This new feature enables retailers to keep track of inventory at any store and warehouse location on desktop, mobile, and Shopify POS to make monitoring and fulfillments regardless of how many locations operated. 

Retail business can now shed the burden on producing inventory lists or tracking manual processes. By providing Locations, Shopify supports O2O retailers to save time and efforts on managing inventory operations . Instead, they can focus more on enhancing business proficiency and profitability. 

Unlimited product options

The Unlimited Product Options enables retailers to add and adjust options on their product pages. With this feature, retail businesses can optimize their stores to enhance customer experience as well as raise conversion rate.   

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In the past, customizing sales pages required retail stores to have professional IT teams with coding knowledge. Nowadays, with Unlimited Product Options, retail stores can have Shopify do everything automatically in just a few minutes. 

In practice, this feature can work well on every Shopify store with any theme. Also, retailers can integrate with other third party solutions to increase system performance.

Unlimited product options
Unlimited product options

Discount codes

Shopify enables retail stores to encourage orders as well as in-store shopping by providing personalized loyalty programs. Shopify retailers can set up a fixed prices, discount percentage, or shipping discount for particular products, customers or shopping carts.

Retail store owners can also include other information such as

  • Validation date
  • Number of discount codes available
  • Minimum order amount to apply codes
  • Products, collections or bundles can be applied

Gift card

With Shopify, retailers can provide gift cards as products in stores. Specially, these products can be customized in terms of customer information, design or denominations. Also Shopify retail stores can provide virtual or physical gift cards which can be used in both online and offline store locations. 

Shopify gift cards
Shopify gift cards

To sum up,

Online to offline business model (O2O) is the modern method that allows retailers to grow both online and offline stores at the same time. In other words, the O2O model is a powerful tactic to effectively develop an omnichannel retail business. During this journey, retailers need the help of technology. And Shopify has greatly supported O2O retail business by providing these powerful features. 

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