Create custom sales in POS

How To Create Custom Sales In POS?

The retail industry is experiencing an emerging trend among all retail businesses to personalize the shopping experience in stores. This phenomenon stems from the constantly increasing requirements of customers. According to Segment, about 90% of customers are more likely to choose stores that provide them personalized shopping experiences. As a result, many retail owners have planned to adopt solutions that can greatly improve this aspect of their stores. One of the key factors of creating personalized shopping is Custom sales. In today’s article, we would like to discuss further the Custom sales feature and how to create custom sales in POS.

What is Custom sales?

Custom sales is the ability to flexibly create orders and particular shopping programs depending on customers or different situations. The concept of custom sales may include creating orders with products that are yet to arrive in stores or even warehouses. Custom sales also mean that you can create orders with products from different locations. Besides, in some handy POS like ConnectPOS, retailers can also apply for promotions and adjust prices for particular customers or shopping carts.

What is Custom sales?
What is Custom sales?

Why is Custom sales necessary?

The major benefit of the Custom sales feature is to guarantee a streamlined and optimized retail process. With custom sales in POS, retailers can assure not to lose any orders due to a shortage of products in particular stores or warehouses. Also, the ability to fulfill customer orders anytime will better satisfy your customers and build trust among them.

Retail stores can create custom sales in order to provide customers with the exact types of products, orders, or shopping programs they expect. In short, you serve shoppers at a higher fulfillment level. Your unique service will help you stand out from the crowd as well as raise your reputation. 

Enhance customer satisfaction with Custom sales
Enhance customer satisfaction with Custom sales

How to Create Custom Sales in ConnectPOS?

You may find it somewhat different to create custom sales in different POS solutions. However, in general, you only need a few steps to create custom sales in POS. For example, here is how you can do it in ConnectPOS.

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ConnectPOS enables retail stores to choose to enable custom sales or not. So firstly, you should go to the Product and Categories sections and enable the custom sales to feature in particular stores. 

Then you can create custom orders on the sell screen. In the custom sales box, you can choose to add particular products, quantities of products, and adjust prices. Also, you can apply special price programs for the sales such as split payment, discounts, and warehouse locations where your products will be collected.

What is Custom sales?
Create custom sales in ConnectPOS

For detailed information about custom sales as well as how other features work, please visit our knowledge base.

Bottom line, 

Due to all mention above benefits of custom sales, retailers should consider choosing POS solutions that can offer these features flexibly. With years of supporting retail stores in upgrading their sales process, ConnectPOS understands the importance of powerful custom sales features in creating a personalized shopping experience. And we are always willing to accompany all modern retailers in the pursuit of going beyond customer expectations. Feel free to contact us anytime!

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