How To Improve Your Shopify POS Security?

In the digital world, security is one of the most important factors in eCommerce. A study about cybercrimes has shown that eCommerce is the 2nd most attacked industry due to sensitive information such as credit/debit cards. Being a big player in eCommerce, Shopify has to pay a lot of attention to this issue. Are you a merchant on Shopify and finding ways to prevent your stores from cyberattacks? This article will provide some tips to increase your Shopify POS security. 

Create transparent security policies

The Shopify platform is built based on ‘confidence’, which means trusting merchants to handle users’ data responsibly. Therefore, businesses should give customers a clearer idea of how they approach users’ data and privacy. Examples for this are maintaining confidentiality, or not sharing customer information with any third parties. Along with those security policies, the teams should actually work around the clock to safeguard data and maintain the reliability and integrity of their own platform. 

However, it is important to note that no form of Internet transmission or electronic storage can be guaranteed 100% safe. Merchants should also integrate other security measures to better protect their stores.

Use cloud-based video

For merchants on Shopify, using cloud-based videos can also help to improve Shopify POS security. Many times, merchants want to create explainer videos to show customers what sets them apart from the competition, highlight seasonal deals, and more. By using cloud video solutions, they can prevent video data theft from other video systems.

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Moreover, cloud-based videos can be accessed by users with unique usernames and passwords based on the authorization levels. This makes the data more secure and still be easily accessible by customers.

Create alarm system

Theft in your retail store can be very costly to your company. Consider this: If you make a 10% profit margin on each sale, you’d have to sell an extra $1000 worth of goods to make up for a $100 fraud loss. 

According to a nationwide retail survey conducted in 2009 in the US, the average shoplifter makes $438 per robbery and has a 1 in 48 chance of being arrested. The cost of merchandise stolen from retail stores in the United States alone is billions of dollars per year.

The good news is that you can combat this issue with various techniques, gadgets, and strategies. You can catch thieves off guard, make your store theft-resistant, and reduce losses by combining technology with an intelligent anti-theft system. This can be applied to offline and online platforms. If you are using a POS system, you can always ask your POS provider about how to create an alarm system.

You can combat thefts with various techniques, gadgets, and strategies

Train employees to deal with suspicious customers

It’s possible that someone or a group of people could infiltrate your establishment with malicious intent. This practice is referred to as “external threats” or “external risks” in the retail industry. Shoplifters, organized retail crime (ORC) syndicates, credit card fraud agents, or, even worse, people scoping your business for possible theft or burglary are all potential threats.

However, these behaviors can be preventable if you can spot them based on suspicious cues. The first thing you should do to improve Shopify POS security is training employees to detect those suspicious behaviors and execute proper security measures if needed. As a business owner, your primary concern should be keeping weapons out of the hands of criminals while also safeguarding your properties (inventory and staff members).

Install a secured POS

Many hackers infiltrated an apparel retailer’s point-of-sale (POS) system last year, enabling them to steal customer payment details. Not only does this affect consumers, but it also exposes retailers to costly litigation and settlements.

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Full protection can be difficult to achieve, with so many threats to POS systems and malware being developed. As a result, retailers and business owners must take extra care when it comes to their POS systems, such as having encryption, installing anti-virus software, and checking the system frequently.

shopify pos security
Business owners must take extra care when it comes to their POS systems

Wrapping up

Security is of the utmost importance in operating any business, especially in the eCommerce industry. If you are finding a secured POS system to support your business, consider ConnectPOS with the most up-to-date technology, such as facial recognition to identify shoplifters or banned customers. Contact us if you have any questions.

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