Starting Furniture Business

A Complete Guide On How To Start A Furniture Business

Within the past few years, the furniture business has been significantly booming. Due to a dramatic increase in purchase volumes, furniture stores have recently entered the competition with online and big-box furniture outlets. Moreover, furniture stores also provide fully assembled structures that can be delivered to your house effortlessly.

Essential Preparations Before Starting A Furniture Business

Furniture store owners are not required to have any business degree to start or manage their stores. However,  they have to advance to certain skills, instead. 

Market Research

In recent years, the furniture industry has reportedly undergone an incredible growing trend. From  2013 to 2018, the industry grew by 2.9%, and generated $65 billion in revenue during 2018. The recorded profits and income stores are varied accordingly, but the retail furniture stores averagely experienced a 45% gross profit margin in 2018.

Business Plan 

Once already preparing some ideas for businesses, newbie entrepreneurs will go on to the next step which is writing a business plan. Insurance, funding and permissions are fundamental requirements to run any store. Besides, businesses also have to come up with suitable brand names as well as proper locations. These factors will make significant contributions to the success of the businesses.

Find Supplier

Supply chains are what entrepreneurs have to work within the following step. It is essential that businesses successfully cooperate with great suppliers, who provide them with high-quality products at reasonable prices. Moreover, businesses should consider building up long-term relationships with suppliers in order to receive better discounts for wholesales orders. For furniture businesses, these suppliers may provide beds, tables, cabinets, shelves, rugs, sofa sets, recliners, lamps, and other necessities for houses, offices, and outdoors.

Furniture Stores
Furniture Stores


Furniture stores are considered to be fairly expensive, due to inventory issues. When starting up any furniture businesses, entrepreneurs should consider some possible expenditures namely 

  • Premises rent
  • Interiors and renovations 
  • Delivery vehicles
  • Employee wages
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance and gadgets
  • Promotions and marketing.

Potential Sales Channels

Managing sales is the core issue for any retail business. Great sales management is able to help businesses to transform more customers and generate revenue. Sales and profit will differ depending on certain factors such as the store’s location, type of furniture sold, etc. Entrepreneurs can also create an official store website for online business. 

Suitable Marketing Strategy

Even though stores are located in well traffic areas, businesses still need a suitable marketing strategy.. This strategy includes advertising efforts via newspapers, magazines, leaflets, SMS and email marketing.

Final Thought,

If you have an eye for unique design and want to build a business of your own, then starting a furniture store might be great for you. And if you are looking for professional partners that are able to support you to start a business idea or develop your on-running retail business, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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