How To Support Omnichannel Order Management?

The requirement for additional flexibility surrounding omnichannel order fulfillment is one of the most significant developments brought about by the pandemic. Shopping between online and offline places is likely to become the “new normal” for merchants and consumers. These options were previously present prior to the pandemic and have swiftly become standard fare for merchants who cater to the general public. Knowing the increasing need for good omnichannel order management, we will give you the 5 tips for retailers to successfully support this process.

Stay connected with customers

When it comes to omnichannel order pickup, communication is the most important component. Don’t assume your customers have any prior experience with new omnichannel order management techniques. To successfully direct your consumers to a good pickup experience, be accurate, attentive, and comprehensive across all communication channels, from SMS messaging, live chat to in-store signs.

Remember to include customer-centric communication in every order fulfillment process, including buy online pick-up-in-store or ship-to-home. They’re also expecting on-demand notifications on order and shipment progress, as well as other details at every stage of the process. For example, they should be able to get real-time updates on changes or delays as well.

omnichannel order management

Generate a guide for click and collect

Creating an information-rich environment for consumers and omnichannel order management is essential to delivering successful customer-centric communication. The order fulfillment process should, at the very least, reflect the brand personality and be simplified to the customer. For example, if your brand focuses on sustainability, you should reduce plastic as much as possible in the package.

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The goal is to make onboarding clients into new order fulfillment mechanisms as simple and meaningful as possible. This involves giving information on the to-be-picked-up order, as well as when, where, and the method of delivery. Your employees should also be aware of this as well, in order to deliver a consistent brand experience.

Automate order fulfillment

Automated order fulfillment refers to the use of technology to streamline the processing of orders, by removing the need for manual labor. Order processing automation may help eliminate human error, increase operational efficiency, and speed up the fulfillment and shipping process.

Your team can handle orders from anywhere with automation since the automated order processing system tracks orders in real-time. Orders are automatically validated and processed no matter where they are placed. Moreover, omnichannel data can be transmitted to where inventory is housed, such as the fulfillment center closest to the order’s destination.

Leverage real-time inventory

Real-time inventory management is a software-assisted technique for documenting sales and purchases in real-time. It offers you a full picture of inventory status, allowing your company to respond promptly to supply chain demands. In managing omnichannel orders, real-time synchronization is even more important. Employees need to stay up-to-date about the inventory level, in order to inform customers whenever needed. 

With its well-functioning real-time synchronization feature, ConnectPOS, one of the top cloud-based POS software for omnichannel order management, can be a good example of real-time synchronization. As a business owner or operator, you can use ConnectPOS to manage your multi-warehouse inventory, run several storefronts, and obtain detailed and comprehensive information in real-time.

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Accept multiple payment types

Since omnichannel order management connects different selling platforms together, the payment methods should also be various as well. Indeed, customers are becoming increasingly demanding. They always choose the choice that is most convenient for them. You can grab more sales and keep ahead of the retail competition by providing your consumers with a range of payment methods, both traditional and those brought about by rising technology. Some of the most popular payment methods are cash, debit/credit cards and other forms of digital wallets.

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Wrapping up

Retail firms can develop quickly and react to shifting customer behaviors and expectations, thanks to well-functioning omnichannel order management. If you think ConnectPOS can help in this journey, we’re always ready to help. Contact us for more information!

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