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Import and Export Data Processes – All in One Solution!

Import & Export data is an essential task, as it is the starting point within the procedure of synchronizing, updating and managing data of all businesses at any sizes. Today there are numerous extensions that can make the task easier, among which Improved Import and Export Extension by Firebear Studio is so far one of the most logical and speediest tools for both merchants and development agencies.

Improved Import and Export Extension is a multi-functional extension tool that can help both merchants and development agencies to leverage efficiency in terms of time, cost and customization capability. In particular, users can import or export any Magento 2 data such as orders, customer information, CMS pages, sales or stock updates. Firebear Studio’s extension can support different file formats such as CSV, XML, Excel XLSX, Google sheets from various available sources including FTP/SFTP, URL, Dropbox, local file, SOAP, GraphQL and REST APIs. The task can be automatically scheduled thus efficiently reduce management time and human resources effort.

What makes Improved Import and Export more appealing is its capability to support big data sets and handle millions of products. There is no data size limit so it can be useful for not only SMEs but also bigger-sized enterprises. Especially, Firebear studio’s extension is very dedicated to easy customization module thanks to 100% open code with customization endpoints, therefore it can support any enterprise or B2B specific entities and flows. It also enables users to easily build custom integration with any third-party CRM, ERP or PIM systems to make sure users can work and cooperate effectively in their ecosystem. 

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ConnectPOS is pleased to announce its close partnership with Firebear Studio. Following that, ConnectPOS clients can use this special code Firebear20OFF to get 20% discount from Firebear Studio extensions, as well as enhance their business efficiency using full-functional Improved Import and Export Extension. We believe that this cooperation between ConnectPOS and Firebear Studio will give you a useful hand to one-step-further complete your ecosystem and effectively leverage your business.

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