5 Ways to Inspire Customer Loyalty in eCommerce

Customer loyalty should be the main focus for any store, online or offline. It is a key way to increase customer lifetime value, an important metric for eCommerce businesses, as it is much easier and more cost effective to increase your eCommerce loyalty than it is to attract new ones.

While customers come and go, some effort should be made to reel them back in. There are a vast number of reasons for customers leaving which can make it difficult to determine the best course of action. However, making small changes to the customer experience can greatly improve the rate of customer retention and promote loyalty with a store. Here are several ways to increase customers loyalty businesses can use to inspire loyalty among their customers and keep them coming back.


Everyone likes being treated as the individual they are. Personalization comes in many forms, from small gestures like using their name in an email to product recommendations that are based on past purchases and search history. Mixing these into the shopping experience helps to build a closer relationship with the customer, recognizing the as an individual. This adds more value for customers shopping online, with 74% of ecommerce stores that utilize personalization seeing an increase in sales and, more importantly, 55% seeing an increase in customer loyalty.

Personalization is becoming easier everyday to implement throughout the customer journey thanks to new technologies and more capable platforms, meaning there is little reason not to start personalizing.

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Be Reachable

25 Ways to Inspire Customer Loyalty in eCommerce

Shopping online can be a complicated process, and there are plenty of things that can go wrong. Therefore, businesses should give customers peace of mind knowing that they can get in contact easily and quickly if anything goes wrong. Prominently displaying contact options on the page demonstrates some level of accountability which helps to build trust with customers, an important element of the ecommerce experience.

Whether through social media, live chat or contact points on other channels, being able to get in contact can greatly impact customer retention by promoting confidence in customers.

Chatbots and AI

The use of chatbots and AI for customer service purposes can greatly improve the consistency of the service customers receive. These improve the level of engagement possible as they can serve a large number of customers concurrently, solving common issues and allowing real staff to deal with bigger issues. The biggest benefit is perhaps the 24/7 service, meaning customers are never left waiting.

The combination of increased efficiency and consistency in service together with growing adoption of social messaging platforms make Chatbots a good choice for improving the experience for customers. With this improvement, customers will more likely want to shop there again.

Loyalty Programs

What better way is there to promote loyalty than through a loyalty program. Loyalty programs can take any number forms but are usually characterized by a rewards system that rewards customer based on amount spent or frequent purchases. Making use of customer data, it is possible to cater the rewards to each individual, offering a more personalized incentive for loyalty.

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Loyalty programs can add a lot of value to an online business in the eyes of customers looking for the best deal. With 75% of consumers saying they favor companies that offer rewards, loyalty programs present a massive opportunity to keep them coming back.

Learn, Optimize and Improve

customer satisfaction

The customer journey doesn’t end at purchase. It is important not to be complacent, and instead try to stay ahead of trends and market changes to remain competitive. One of the best ways to stay ahead and provide customers with the optimal service is to ask past customers directly about their experience. Post-purchase surveys and feedback can be tremendously helpful for gaining insight into what customers actually want and expect when shopping online. The feedback also can be used to inspire new customers.

Through this method, it is possible to make data-driven decisions that can improve the customer experience and nurture a closer, more loyal relationship.

The customer experience plays an important role in building loyalty. Positive experiences will leave a lasting impression on customers, making them more likely to return and make repeat purchases. Adding more value through products and services can also help retain customers by providing a more unique and appealing experience.

Through methods such as these, it is possible to enrich the experience and thus reduce customer attrition and build trust. With the significantly higher costs of acquiring new customers, customer retention and loyalty should be a high priority.

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