Leading Consumer Trends In 2022 You Cannot Miss

Consumer trends have changed since last year due to the negative impacts of COVID 19. With people staying at home most of the time, connecting with family and friends online, lifestyle habits have changed quite a lot.

Digital experiences 

Buyers have been encouraged to change their shopping habits to the online environment, as most people are stuck at home. This has led consumers to shift from high street shopping to online shopping. Therefore, they will care enormously about the user-friendliness of the platform, such as proper access and simplicity.

Consumers are demanding various industries to care beyond their revenue and provide swift and seamless shopping journeys. So one of the most highlighted consumer trends is people are craving convenience and seamlessness cross-platform.

There is also an emerging strategy of live streaming e-commerce since 80% of users prefer live videos to traditional posts. Through influencers, certain brands have started to use live streams to promote their products live. This consumer buying trend will forever change online shopping experiences.

livestream ecommerce as consumer trends

Nevertheless, contactless payment is gaining popularity as it minimizes physical contact during online deliveries with decent effectiveness for both customers and retailer. This consumer trend promotes transparency, saves time and works efficiently.

Many forms of contactless payments are emerging beyond cards or via smartphones, like transactions via smartwatches or QR code.

Sustainability and eco-friendly

Due to global awareness of the current pandemic, going green is a rising lifestyle. Consumers are shifting their preferences towards eco-friendly and sustainable products. The concept of a ‘zero waste’ lifestyle creates a circular economy ecosystem that helps reduce disposals by recycling and reusing. 

consumer trends on zero waste

Health and fitness 

Adopting a healthier lifestyle, this consumer trend is expected to continue as the digital order of health supplements has increased during COVID 19. The lockdown forced people to re-think their habits therefore planning for a more healthy lifestyle became more and more popular.

We also witness an increase in buying home fitness appliances since it’s nearly impossible and unsafe to go to the gym. Consumers will make sure to stay fit with routine workouts, and wearable devices may take a hit in future.

gym at home

Safety and Covid sentiment

Fear of infection and increased health awareness have pushed consumers to be more aware of the situation and urge for a more balanced and self-improvement lifestyle. This will prepare them against any provoking economic shocks or other unexpected circumstances. 

Here are few basic precautionary measures:

  • Get vaccinated against COVID 19.
  • Monitor your daily health and wear a mask to protect yourself and stop the spread of COVID 19
  • Avoid crowds, poorly ventilated spaces and maintain social distancing 
  • Wash your hands often, cover your coughs and sneezes, clean and disinfect appropriately
corona virus prevention

Situations like this have made people be more supportive, caring and considerate with each other, regardless of any upcoming drastic changes in future. 

In conclusion

Above are the 4 most significant consumer trends in 2022. To continue delivering the best experience for customers, businesses should be prepared for any new changes. It’s time to adopt new solutions to maintain your efficiency in any situation.

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