How To Manage Customers’ Information With Magento?

Although eCommerce is still new, its sales are forecasted to take up 18.1% of total retail sales all over the world in 2021. In such a nourishing market, customer data is one of the most important factors that businesses should consider. Many businesses are now using Magento to run their online stores. Given that, this article will provide the essential steps to do with Magento POS customer management.

Magento POS Customer Data Management

Create a complete data form

The shopping experience in an online store is important to gain customers. Therefore, store owners go to great lengths to obtain as much customer data as possible to improve their store’s experience.

Without a doubt, calculative decisions based on data and analysis are needed to succeed in today’s competitive eCommerce market. It helps improving customer service, customized and fast suggestions, etc.

You can generate a form in Magento 2 with fields such as text, numbers, dates, and so on. You can also set validity and domain to ensure that the data collected from Magento 2 frontend customers is accurate.

Secure customer data

Your consumers need a safe shopping experience, however, online shopping has increased the risk of consumer privacy. Customers are aware that the Magento website saves their data and payment details during online purchases. They are concerned about the exposure of this information to cybercriminals who will exploit it for their gain.

Without proper Magento 2 security growth, the company is still at risk. Customers are uneasy because their data is not adequately secured. As a result, they quickly leave without making a purchase. Your bottom line suffers as a result of such decisions. Therefore, it is important to protect your customer data.


Backup your data

The next thing you need to do with Magento POS customer management is making a backup of your Magento Store. Without one, you’d be at risk if your web host crashed, went bankrupt, or vanished. More significantly, some countries require you to hold accounting records for a certain number of years, such as seven years in New Zealand. If your web host loses or corrupts the information, you’ve got a big problem on your hands, and it’s not just because your store is down.

Therefore, if your web host fails or goes bankrupt and has its servers repossessed, you’ll still have a convenient and stable backup. 

Create personalize data

Personalization of your eCommerce website will make a massive difference in how your company is viewed. Consumers want customized experiences while shopping online. According to a study, 80% of consumers are either dissatisfied or abandon e-commerce sites due to a lack of personalization.

This is a huge problem, but it’s one that Magento can help you solve effectively and efficiently. Magento ensures that the websites and eCommerce platforms are practical and highly customizable. Magento’s deployment is easy, in addition to the smooth and attractive frontend interface. Furthermore, Magento extensions such as One-Step Checkout are sure to boost your conversion rate to new heights. For these reasons, it is easier for store owners to have rich customer data, which makes it more beneficial to create a personalized shopping experience.

Magento POS customer management - data

Integrate a POS system

Consumers’ shopping across physical and digital platforms is referred to as omnichannel retail. Over the last few years, omnichannel has seen steady growth, with many customers using multiple channels for a recent purchase. 

People are constantly moving across multiple channels and devices during their shopping journeys, and multi-channel retailers must change their strategy to accommodate this to remain competitive. This new trend has created a complex environment where data is received from multiple touchpoints. Therefore, it is essential to have a POS system that can process and synchronize all of this information.


This article has provided you with some steps to manage customers’ information in Magento. We are ConnectPOS, a point-of-sale provider available on Magento and many other eCommerce platforms. If you have any questions about Magento POS customer management, we are here to help. Contact us here!

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