Magento order information management

How Magento POS Order Management Supports Retailers?

Nowadays, since customer requirements are constantly changing, Magento retail businesses are required to update their processes in every aspect as well as enhance customer service continuously. Order information management is one of the most important aspects among those that retailers should invest time and money in. In order to support retailers, Magento provides them many options to optimize their process.  Yet, do you really know how to effectively manage order information with Magento?

FIFO rule

The Magento Order Management System (OMS) will set a particular date to deliver ordered items. Afterward, the system will inform customers of their delivery date so that they can easily keep track of the shipping process and receive their ordered items. 

To illustrate, a store assistant  can create a picklist based on a promised delivery date. The recent First-in-First-out (FIFO) rule ensures that stock is allocated to orders with the earliest promised delivery date.

However, this feature is only available to merchants who are using the sourcing engine in BATCH mode. This sourcing engine ensures that all new orders will be sourced by the delivery date. Besides, merchants are required to have a specified source location for orders with this functionality.

FIFO rule
FIFO rule

Keep an eye on inventory.

Reporting and data collection play important roles in any business owner because they provide a clear picture of demand and the supply chain. It also aids in making informed business decisions, designing promotion strategies, and hiring. Unorganized data, on the other hand, will cause retailers possible blunders. Magento supports the administrator in keeping track of any changes in product stock levels as well as an inventory summary in a back-end grid. The Magento 2 Stock Report is a perfect extension to generate insightful inventory reports.

Customer segmentation

Customer segments allow you to dynamically view content and promotions to individual customers based on attributes such as their address, order history, shopping cart contents, and so on. With shopping cart price rules, you can refine marketing campaigns based on targeted segments. Additionally, retailers can also export the list of targeted customers and produce reports. Customers may become affiliated with and disassociated from a component when they shop in your store because customer segment information is continually updated.

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Apart from that, the module updates all segmentation lists according to your custom schedule to keep them current. Clients who purchased products with unique product attributes totaling a specific number, for example, may be segmented. 

Customer segmentation
Customer segmentation

Use a Magento POS order management system

The POS system is increasingly popular with many powerful features that can simplify retail processes and smoothen Magento stores. POS systems can support almost every aspect of a typical retail business including inventory and order information management. 

To illustrate the ConnectPOS – a robust Magento POS order management app provided by ConnectRetail provides retailers many outstanding features to keep track of inventory as well as order issues. For example, some of those helpful features are that ConnectPOS can synchronize orders, products, customers & inventory in real-time and support Multi-store and multi-warehouse management. 

Magento POS order management
ConnectPOS – leading Magento POS order management

To sum up,

In fact, 75% of consumers said that they will move to another channel if the service fails. A powerful Magento POS order management system will benefit businesses by providing them with a seamless customer experience. This system enables retailers to boost sales while reducing business costs and accelerates the time to market.

In order to effectively manage order information, retailers can consider adopting the leading order management system – ConnectPOS. Contact us to have a 14 day free trial of experiencing this powerful system.

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