3 Ways Mobile POS Empowers Shop Operators

Shop operators or store associates are representatives of your brand and a key factor in creating a great shopping experience for your customers. However, it’s not easy for them to keep up with modern shoppers who are tech-savvy, well-informed and demanding. To be successful in the new retail battle of great customer experience, besides the right customer attentive attitude, shop operators need a secret weapon: a mobile POS. Here is how mPOS empowers your store associates:

1. Sell more

mPOS lets shop operators accept payments from a stationary position, on the counter, around the store or at any events such as trade shows or local fairs. They can create orders, fulfill in-store pickup orders, offer an endless aisle or home delivery, which helps create a seamless shopping process for customers and put the products in their hands faster.

Mobile POS also helps associates serve shoppers better by giving them real-time inventory updates and access to temporarily out-of-stock products, which can increase sales at their store in particular and maximize the retailer’s sales in general. They no longer need to run back and forth to check or send shoppers away empty-handed and frustrated – they can sell even in the middle of an aisle while serving the customer.

2. Enhance their relationship with customers

Over the past few years, personalized experience is the buzzword in the retail world. Now, store associates can deliver a personalized and engaging experience to customers at the physical stores, too. Reports and insights from mPOS helps shop operators know the unique preferences of each shopper and tailor their approaches and recommendations. This personalized omnichannel service elevates consumers’ shopping experience and increases the chances to cross-sell and upsell.

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Store associates can surprise and delight customers with real time promotions and reward points to use during their current transactions or in future transactions across all the sales channels. For instance, the customers can use the reward points they earn online to pay when shopping at a physical store, or benefit from a new promotion campaign for an item in their cart. They will feel happier, more willing to spend and can spread positive word of mouth about your brand to others.

3. Share detailed information

According to a research by Adweek, 81% shoppers learn about products online before purchase, and in case they have questions or requirements, they expect to be responded immediately. It’s a true challenge for shop operators to be an expert and help customers here: they need to know every product and every details of it.

That’s where mobile POS comes to rescue. Shop operators can search for an item quickly using the search bar or scanning its barcode, and then click to view the detailed product information that goes beyond what is displayed on product labels. It helps them save time and effort looking for the information they need and increase their confidence so they can put their mind and heart into serving customers best.

If you want to help your shop operators raise sales by providing an outstanding customer experience, embrace the new star of the retail industry: mobile Point of Sale. It empowers your staff and enables them to focus on helping customers and delivering frictionless, customer-centric service that win consumers’ heart and keep them coming back.

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