Mobile POS – Is This The Future?

Is mobile POS the future?

Mobile technologies are no longer a thing of the future; they’re today’s daily thing. Mobile devices ubiquity is undeniable, they appear in the pockets, backpacks, briefcases, etc. And they have changed the consumer perception of on-the-go tech. As a result, mobile POS has emerged as a supportive side-kick of business operators to run businesses more efficiently and flexibly.

The remaining question is, how it will affect our retail business in the future? This article acts as your assistant who gives you information that you need. And eventually, answer the remaining unsolved question. 

What is a mobile POS?

A mobile POS is a POS on a smartphone, tablet, or other wireless dedicated devices that can function like a cash register or electronic POS terminal. Most of the time, the main components of a mobile POS are an app and a card reader connected to the app. All you have to do is install the POS app and start selling. Just simple like that! Other hardware like barcode scanners and receipt printers are also compatible. 

A mobile POS integrated into a smartphone
A mobile POS integrated into a smartphone


Selling more

Thanks to their portability, mobile POS allows shopkeepers to sell more by accepting payments from any position. Whether it is on the counter, around the shop, or at events such as trade fairs, exhibitions, or trade shows, challenge all accepted! 

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Additionally, a mobile POS can perform functions just like a traditional one. Store operators can create orders, prepare in-store pickup orders and home delivery, etc. With that, not only does a it still ensure the seamlessness of the shopping experience for shoppers, it also makes the purchase process faster and more convenient. 

The general sale volume can also be increased thanks to the out-of-stock-order feature. In the case when the desired item is temporarily out-of-stock, customers still can have the item ordered. And the other can be either delivered to their door or pick-up at the store. 

Create orders, do check-out, order out-of-stock items, etc. on a mobile POS system
Create orders, do check-out, order out-of-stock items, etc. on a mobile POS system


It is a fact that not only is a mobile POS system significantly lighter than a traditional one, but they are also much affordable. And you may even already have one available to use. 

Additionally, since the hardware is typically just a mobile device, the cost to replace or fix a broken device is way cheaper than replacing a traditional POS machine, which can cost thousands.

A traditional POS machine versus a mobile POS machine
A traditional POS machine versus a mobile POS machine


A research by Adweek revealed that when making a purchase, 81% of shoppers research beforehand. And if they have further questions, they expect assistance to be immediate. Such a seemingly mundane task, in fact, gives shop operators a really hard time. They need to know every product detail exactly to be able to support customers in time. 

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Don’t even try to learn by heart every detail of every product, it will drive you crazy. Instead, how about installing a mobile POS for your retail. Shopkeepers can look for an item and view its information just in the blink of an eye, using the search bar or scanning barcode. It helps them save time and effort panicking, and put their whole heart into serving customers instead. 

Searching for product information is at fingertips with a mobile POS
Searching for product information is at fingertips with a mobile POS

What to look for in a mobile POS

Easy to install, easy to handle

Look for a system that’s handy to download and install. It also should be accompanied by a full guide assisting users in setting up and getting ready to use. Even like that, an ideal system does need to be simple to operate with an intuitive interface so it doesn’t require too much training.

Works fast and stable

Such a system is capable of handling large numbers of SKUs (Stock-keeping units, basically scannable barcodes) and customers. Search and check-out should be optimized so that you can speed up the process while minimizing errors. Offline mode is also helpful when the internet connection is interrupted as you can sell and don’t need to worry about data loss.  

Offline mode is automatically activated in a mobile POS system when the internet is down
Offline mode is automatically activated in a mobile POS system when the internet is down

Synchronizes among stores

A synchronized database helps create a frictionless transition from online to offline stores. It is meaningful to customers as they can choose their way of purchase and pay based on their personal preferences. For shop owners, all information and data are synced, and inventory is updated in real-time. At the end of the day, you can have comprehensive reports about your business performance with data from both online and offline stores. 

Mobile POS is here to stay

As mobile POS is going strong and continues innovating, it is gradually becoming the favorite of many business owners.

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