How to Use Offline Mode in ConnectPOS

Wifi and mobile networks have become so popular that you can access the Internet almost from anywhere. That enables you to use your POS to sell in stores or on the go (in this case, you’d love to use an iPad POS instead of a web POS that requires bulky hardware to go with it).

However, there are still possibilities that you can’t connect your devices to the Internet due to poor connectivity or there is simply no Wifi where you sell, such as at outdoor fairs or events in a remote area. Of course, you don’t want to miss these sales opportunities and this is when Offline Mode in ConnectPOS comes in handy.

How Offline Mode in ConnectPOS works

To be able to work In Offline Mode, ConnectPOS still needs to be connected to the Internet first. It will synchronize the products, customers, tax and promotion settings, etc. from Magento to POS, so you will be able to sell using such information.

When the Internet is down, or you take ConnectPOS to trade shows, expos, fairs or events, ConnectPOS will automatically switch to Offline Mode. The information synchronized from Magento previously are cached in ConnectPOS, and you can view the products offline, add them to the cart, search for existing customers and accept payments as usual.

When you can connect to the Internet again, ConnectPOS immediately turns off Offline Mode and go online. Orders created in Offline Mode are automatically synchronized to Magento so you can maintain a unified order.

How to Use Offline Mode in ConnectPOS

If you’re using ConnectPOS for the first time and about to take it to an event, please remember to connect ConnectPOS to the Internet first to get the necessary information from Magento to POS.

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If you have any updates, for instance, changes in prices or new promotions, make sure they have been synced to ConnectPOS before it switches to Offline Mode. (But you don’t have to worry much, as ConnectPOS synchronizes in real-time with Magento. If you make changes while ConnectPOS is still online, the changes will be updated in real-time in POS).

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