Omnichannel trend to look forward in 2022

Unquestionably, the global coronavirus pandemic has affected every industry, including retail. Companies that have survived and even thrived last year are those with a solid omnichannel strategy. While you cannot know everything about the future, it is safe to state that omnichannel will continue to help you take the lead. Here are the key omnichannel trends in 2022 that your business should follow.

What is omnichannel retailing?

It implies the utilization of multiple channels (online and offline) to deliver a unified and smooth shopping experience for consumers on any platform whenever they wish. Shoppers can easily interact with your shop from different channels, appreciate the general experience, and become more loyal to your brand. 

More often than not, businesses make the most of various platforms to boost sales. They are active in not only physical stores but also websites and social media

Without further ado, let’s uncover the most significant omnichannel trends to adopt this 2022.

Omnichannel trend in 2022

Streamlined service experience 

Streamlined service experience

In the online shopping department, consumers often like looking into options, checking user feedback, and comparing product units and whatnots. Speaking of physical store shopping, it allows them to see, feel, and even try the items right before they buy. Because there are perks to both shopping options, more and more customers wish to experience a combo of both offline and online shopping. In this regard, omnichannel retailing becomes a big help. And better yet, ConnectPOS connects your physical and online shops, syncs every real-time data, and thus provides the best omnichannel retail experience.

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For example, ConnectPOS updates your goods automatically from online shops to the point of sale. Thanks to the Click-and-Collect feature, shoppers can purchase online and select the way of receiving the order (by picking it up at the shop or by shipping). 

Video marketing increases in popularity

Video marketing’s prevalence is no joke, and it is an omnichannel trend you cannot miss. With it, you can get your brand’s message out!

Specifically, video marketing helps reduce website bounce rates since visitors tend to remain on-page to view the videos. Because Google favors video and long-form content, this approach likewise works to boost your SEO rankings. Above all, videos work fantastically on any platforms such as social media, mobile, and offline stores, delivering a unified experience for your shoppers.

Digital payments are prevalent

Consumers are increasingly fond of shopping on their smartphones. That is why retailers should take an omnichannel approach to payments. You should give consumers more convenient methods of paying for their buys across different digital channels. If you want to improve customer retention and loyalty, try to use a POS system like ConnectPOS that supports over twenty payment methods.


Hopefully, you find the omnichannel trend we list out above informative and helpful to think about what to do next. Installing a retail point of sale software is highly likely the first and foremost step to champion omnichannel sales. If you have any questions about it, do not hesitate to contact us.

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