POS increase Shopify conversion rate

How POS Increases Shopify Conversion Rate

ECommerce convention rate is the portion of store visitors who decide to make a purchase on your online stores. For every Shopify eCommerce retailer, convention rate is a crucial goal since it directly affects the sale process as well as store revenue.

Yet, increasing Shopify conversion rate is never an easy task for modern businesses. We hope that the 4 following tips will help you to deal with this challenge.

Highlight key features of the product.

Icons that have been custom-designed can be a perfect way to highlight the unique features of your items. If you sell bath and body products or gourmet foods, for example, you might want to let your customers know if your products are cruelty-free or made with certified organic or non-GMO ingredients. If you sell environmentally friendly clothes, you may want to tell consumers that your items are made without sweatshops or from a recycled polyester blend.

Reviews and testimonials

If it is the first time consumers make purchases on your online stores, they may encounter hesitations. Hence, they tend to look for others’ opinions about not only the products itself but also other aspects of shopping online. Reviews and  testimonials can be used as an excellent way to convince customers about the quality of their expected products as well as store services. 

Display reviews
Display reviews

Offer appealing discount or bundle programs

In fact, 92% of customers are reported to look for discounts or coupons when shopping. Shopify allows its retailers to create loyalty programs for particular groups of customers in order to better fulfill their requirements. These programs will not only retain existing customers but also attract potential ones when they come across your stores. As a result, these programs greatly contribute to increasing the convention rate.

Provide more payment options

With the increasing popularity of online shopping, online payment methods have also become a new emerging trend worldwide. In the US, it is reported that  27% of customers will use online payment gateways in 2020. A plausible explanation for this is that online payments are considerably faster and more secure than traditional payment methods. 

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There are various payment gateway providers existing in the recent market.Shopify retail store owners should make sure that they accept every payment method required. Or else, they may lose their customers just because of a lack of a proper payment method.

Payment gateways
Payment gateways

Shop online pickup in-store

Buy online, pick up in store (BOPIS) in part of omnichannel order fulfillment strategy. Nowadays, due to their constantly changing requirements, they always look for optimized and most convenient options to save their time and money. Thus, buying online and picking up in store is considered a perfect option. This modern shopping method enables retailers to attract more potential customers and increase sales revenue. 

Integrate a robust POS for your store

Shopify partners with many Point-of-sale systems with inbuilt powerful features significantly support online retailers to enhance their sales revenue and increase their convention rates. Take ConnectPOS – a leading POS solution provided by ConnectRetail. This POS system obtains various cutting-edge technology that allows retailers to realize all of the above-mentioned ideas.


In particular, ConnectPOS does not require retailers to pay extra transaction fee for any payment methods and direct pay to the payment providers instead. 


As mentioned above, convention rate is a crucial factor that leads to growth and success of Shopify retailers. It is recommended that retailers should utilize these techniques to build an effective sales strategy.

And if you are looking for a robust Point-of-sale system, ConnectPOS is perfect for you. Contact us today and experience our global standard solution.

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