POS Review: ConnectPOS vs. FooSales POS

POS Review: ConnectPOS vs. FooSales POS

It is nearly the end of 2020, and with the new year ahead, maybe it is time to throw that chunky cash register away and get the latest POS system. As a new year gift, we are happy to give you the ConnectPOS and FooSales POS review, the two most common POS solutions at the moment. One of these might be the perfect one for your business. 


ConnectPOS logo


ConnectPOS is one of the best POS systems, famous for its feature-rich cloud-based solution and advanced technology. It covers various kinds of business, for example, Food & Drink, Toys & Hobbies, Nutrition & Supplements, etc. The system makes the transactions easier for business owners, both physical and digital shops.

FooSales logo

FooSales POS

Initially launched in 2018 and designed specifically for WooCommerce customers, FooSales POS since then has grown significantly and is now actively used by customers from all over the world. FooSales POS is the perfect solution for markets, retail stores, mobile events and so much more. 


One of the most powerful functions of a POS system is being able to operate on multiple platforms. Whether it is PC-based (macOS, Windows) or tablets and smartphones (iOS, Android), both ConnectPOS and FooSales POS are compatible with all of them. 

More specifically, retailers could easily access ConnectPOS mobile POS by any of these 3 ways:

  • Through web browser on mobile devices
  • Install PWA
  • Download ConnectPOS app from App Store


ECommerce platforms

A POS system that could integrate with multiple eCommerce platforms is what every business owner always wants. By integrating with eCommerce platforms, the system would be able to process a safe and frictionless online transaction. 

ConnectPOS eCommerce integrations
ConnectPOS eCommerce integrations

FooSales POS only partners with WooCommerce, making it less of an advantage than ConnectPOS, which integrates with many eCommerce partners such as Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce

Payment integrations

For a secure and transparent transaction, it is essential that businesses have payment integration. Moreover, it helps retailers to be able to offer their customers different payment options. Customers could have their orders paid by cash, cards, or gift cards. 

ConnectPOS payment integrations
ConnectPOS payment integrations

With that being said, ConnectPOS integrates with many payment solution providers such as Moneris, Payment Express, Cardknox, etc. 

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FooSales POS, on the other hand, does not limit retailers to a specific service provider. Retailers could use any card processor that suits their needs. 


Order management

Offline mode 

Having an offline mode feature is what every retailer would like to have for their POS systems. The ability to work offline would create a smooth working flow for businesses, even when the internet is down. 

ConnectPOS offline mode

Both ConnectPOS and FooSales POS are proud to offer this powerful feature within their systems. 

FooSales POS offline mode
FooSales POS offline mode

Whenever there is internet trouble, the offline mode would be turned on automatically. Retailers could continue selling their products since almost all of the features could function normally. Every process from adding items to shopping carts, applying discounts to making payments are all possible with offline mode. Customers would still be able to pay even with debit/credit cards. After the internet is back to being stable, all the data that were made during offline mode would be synced to the back-end of the system, therefore retailers would not have to worry about sales being lost. 


Because of COVID and social distancing rules, customers were not able to shop as freely and comfortably as they wanted to, so they are slowly switching to online shopping. Therefore, it has been difficult for brick-and-mortar stores retailers to make sales this year. With that in mind, what businesses need to do is to initiate contactless shopping, for example, click-and-collect, also known as buy online, pickup in-store (BOPIS). Click-and-collect features not only following health laws but also reduce in-store shopping time for busy customers and create a quick and convenient process. 

ConnectPOS click-and-collect

Unfortunately, FooSales POS has not been able to offer the click-and-collect feature, but not to worry, business owners could find this feature in ConnectPOS. 

Save and retrieve cart

This feature gives retailers better control of the checkout process. When a customer wants to leave their shopping cart to go back for an additional product, the cashier would then put that cart ‘on hold’ and continue to serve other customers. In a nutshell, the save and retrieve cart feature helps reduce cart abandonment rates and boost customer satisfaction along with sales revenue.

ConnectPOS save and retrieve cart
ConnectPOS save and retrieve cart

The feature is only available for ConnectPOS users. Retailers could add items, apply a discount to the saved cart for later retrieval, so the order could be completed. 

Checkout process

Create and customize receipts 

For every retailer, a receipt plays an important role since not only it contains all the information of the order transaction, but it could be used as a great marketing tool to leverage the business. By having the receipt designed with distinct Corporation Identity Program (CIP) elements, retailers could further promote their brands. Information such as sales and promotions programs, store address, customer information, cashier’s name, etc. could be added onto the receipt. Retailers could also edit word fonts, style, etc. based on the needs and wants of customers or sellers. Receipt customization is an outstanding feature for a POS system. 

ConnectPOS receipt customization
ConnectPOS receipt customization

Unfortunately, the feature is offered by ConnectPOS only. 

PWA consumer app

ConnectPOS is proud to offer a unique feature for Magento users – PWA consumer app. It is a website in the form of a mobile app. With this advanced technology, customers could find information about the product just by scanning the barcode of that product. Furthermore, they could even skip the checkout counter by checking out all by themselves.

ConnectPOS self-checkout
ConnectPOS self-checkout

With PWA, retailers could have a faster checkout process and a shorter waiting time for customers, resulting in increased in-store performance and customer satisfaction. 

Multiple payment methods

Online shopping is on the rise, and because of that, customers want to have more options for payment. They do not want to pay by cash or card individually anymore, they want to be able to combine and mix between different methods. Therefore, businesses have no other option but to satisfy their customers by offering various payment choices. 

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For FooSales POS, customers could make payment by common methods like cash, credit/debit cards, etc. 

For ConnectPOS, customers could choose to pay by cash and card, multiple cards, or gift card and card. Moreover, customers could have other options like layaway payment, split-tender payment, or deposit for their purchases. 

Inventory management

Real-time synchronization

This is an essential feature of a POS system since it is supposed to manage multiple stores and multiple warehouses simultaneously. In order to have an effortless and frictionless transaction, all the data from all platforms need to be synchronized on a real-time basis. For example, when a customer makes an online order, the inventory of the offline store stays the same because they were not synchronized in the system. With a real-time synchronization feature, that will not be a problem since everything is being synced. Retailers would also receive an alert for low-stock situations, so they would know beforehand and have the items restocked and continue to make sales without any interruption. 

With advanced technology and robust systems, ConnectPOS offers proper synchronization for retailers. Everything from store and warehouse management to reporting system is all synchronized, in real-time. 

Reporting system 

For every type of business, it is crucial to keep track of all aspects and elements. This is why an accurate and proper reporting system of a POS is important to ensure a successful outcome. 

ConnectPOS reporting system
ConnectPOS reporting system

ConnectPOS would collect data from all channels available and produce comprehensive reports. Retailers could access more than 20 reports from anywhere and at any time on any mobile device with ConnectPOS cloud-based system. This is a convenient and flexible way to manage a business. 

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On the other hand, FooSales POS solely offers daily sales summaries of sales such as the number of sales and amount of products sold. 

Customer support 

ConnectPOS customer support
ConnectPOS customer support

ConnectPOS is available 24/7, customers could contact by:

  • Send email to [email protected]
  • Submit a query via the ConnectPOS website
  • Contact Solution Manager if already installed ConnectPOS
FooSales POS customer support
FooSales POS customer support

Contact FooSales POS and retailers would get a response in 48h:

  • Submit a query via website
  • Submit a ticket via Help Center

Pricing plan

ConnectPOS pricing plan
ConnectPOS pricing plan

ConnectPOS provides simple and straightforward plans with no hidden fees when it comes to pricing. Retailers could choose from any of the 4 available plans, starting from $39/month (paid monthly) and $49/month (paid annually). ConnectPOS also offers a custom plan for retailers that fit their budget and business needs. Retailers could experience a 14-day free trial without any payment information needed. 

FooSales POS pricing plan
FooSales pricing plan

FooSales POS offers a single domain plan for $15/month and multiple domains plan for $45/month. Retailers could also subscribe to a yearly plan for a lower price, $144/ year for a single domain and $429/year for multiple domains. FooSales POS provides retailers with a 30-day free trial (no credit card details required). 

And the winner is?

We have reached the end of ConnectPOS and FooSales POS comparison and saw what each of them brought to the table. The question now is have you found the perfect one for your business? If not, why don’t you take a look at the one that is right at the tip of your finger? 

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